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Dear Fans,

We want to address the recent disappointment of this seasons relegation. As a club as a whole, we share in your frustrations. The relegation affects everyone in and around the club.

Decisions made at the start of the season regarding management, structure and signings have sadly been proven not to be the right ones and the repercussions have been felt throughout the season. We frankly have not been competitive all season.

Despite the very best efforts of our new board arriving at Christmas we could not avoid the drop. The club however has been stabilized, not only financially due to the massive wage budget gap versus actual income deficit we inherited, along with long player and management contracts but around the local community with the growing local and school support. Despite these efforts, the on-field performances have not met the required standard.

We want to assure you that we are actively working with the management team as a whole to address your concerns and look to bounce back stronger next season. Your unbelievable support has been a source of strength for and we can not thank you enough for standing by us during these challenging times.

As we look ahead, we know that we will need your support more than ever as we strive to return to the National League. Together, we can overcome this setback and emerge even stronger.

Thank you for your continued dedication from everyone at Gloucester City.


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