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When I was asked to write this note wrapping up the 2023/24 season and introducing the new Chairman, at first I declined. I didn’t think I’d earned the right, as frankly this season I’ve not been around.  I didn’t go to any away games at all and only managed around 5 home games. But after some persuasion from others, I gave in and agreed, so here goes nothing! 


I announced in October 2022 I was leaving at the end of the 2022/23 season, if I recall it was made public in the December of 2022 and from then to now a lot has changed! 


Sadly, we made the wrong appointment for my successor. For me and it’s only me, the worst thing that happened was Steven King and that group of players being allowed to leave the club. I understand that new people want to make their mark, but to overhaul everything and then change again once you’ve placed management and players on 1 and 2 year deals really was a mistake and a mistake that sadly has meant relegation. 


I changed a lot of managers, I’m not proud of that, but I always spent my own money changing them, So, to then change management again so early in the 2023/24 season, once 90% of the squad are already on contracts, some long contracts, really meant that the incoming manager (Mike Cook) had his hands tied from the very start! 


Due to the clubs performance and being in the bottom four, the former chairman left the club in December 2023, and the club was in a lot of trouble on and off the pitch. The club had legal and contractual disputes with the exiting management teams, the beer and bar supplier following the bar works and changes and the energy suppliers as the wrong account/company had been paid. Following support from our legal team, the ombudsman, the league and FA, these issues are now very nearly resolved. This will allow the new 2024/25 season to start afresh, other than the already contracted 6/7 players on 2-years deals along with Cookie and his team, who all signed 2-year contract when they joined the club.


In December 2023 Colin Taylor and Richard Lewis stepped up to run the club. Myself, Eamonn and Chris Freeman supported when asked, but boy, Colin and Rich really did take on the challenge 100% with everything they have, but sadly, despite supporting Cookie with new players as best they could, while clearing down a wage bill that was just unsustainable based on the clubs income, in fact, the player budget was more than the start of the 2022/23 season, we couldn’t avoid the drop out of the National League.


Much was made when I left around ‘debt’ yes, I have a very large loan account that’s secured on the clubs account at Companies House. Here is my written promise to the club and fans and this is why it’s can’t been reviewed as ‘debt’, and why that story just needs to end, please also don’t forget the letter we wrote to shareholders and fans via our accountants dated the 11th April 2023, as that set everything out and proving the Club is always used for the benefit of the City, the Community and the Youth, I’m happy to honour 100% of what was stated then. I just want the club to grow and be here for another 141 years plus.


Colin and Rich will be naming a new board for the 2024/25 season, to which Eamonn and I won’t be on. They will always have our full support if needed, but I’ve really enjoyed this season helping and watching my son’s club/teams play football lower down the leagues and in grassroots, so that’s where my future will take me. 


As I said above, with so many on 2-year deals i.e. the management, 6/7 players and none with relegation clauses in their contracts, 2024/25 won’t be easy, oddly the new kit supplier this season was also placed on a 3 year deal, but they managed to place a relegation clause on the club, so at least they’ll be one party better off next season! 


So, it's with great pleasure that I can now confirm that Colin Taylor will be the new Club Chairman. Welcome buddy. Colin has been around the club since our return to Meadow Park and is a great bloke! I first met him when he volunteered to coach within the youth. Without Colin and Rich, this season would have been even worse, and we need to be frank here, it was terrible!


Like I have told a number of people, you can’t leave anything twice, as I never came back! But when I did stand down and aside at the end of 2022, looking back, I could have done that better, so City fans: thank you for being you. I’ll never forget the Fabien goal at Truro or Slough, Kinger’s penalty save also at Truro, Liam Daly running through walls playing like Terry Butcher with a cut head or the unbelievable friendship we had over the seasons around the club which lead to come backs like we had at Kiddy and Woking away. There are too many great people to mention so thank you all for everything, without the turnstile staff, the PA and media, the stewards -  games would never be played, I’ll also never forget Gateshead away (all of my trips to Gateshead too) and “that” away day to Chorley, the highs and lows have never stopped coming! 


My message to Colin is simple, love the club and it will love you back, listen to the fans more than I did, don’t give managers everything they want (as they will always want more), support the youth as they are the future, never get too high, never get too low and always believe. 


Thanks for the memories, I’m signing out for the final time with a tear in my eye, as man this club is close to my heart. 


Support the club, support the board, stick together. It’s been emotional and thank you all.


Ever Forward!



We'd like to extend our sincere thanks to Alex Petheram for his dedication to the club and his pivotal role in bringing us back to the city of Gloucester.

Following extensive meetings with owner, Eamonn McGurk, Colin Taylor has decided to accept the role of club chairman with Jay Marriott being appointed Vice Chairman.

Colin Taylor owns a mentoring company committed to making a change. With over 10 years' experience of working with young people.

Jay Marriott currently runs the sports division alongside Colin with 23 years experience in professional sport as a player, coach and general manager.

Colin will be focused on internal matters at the club with structures, roles and responsibilities, whilst Jay will be working externally on media, communications and partnerships.  Heavily supported by the board and key staff members.

New club chairman, Colin Taylor had this to say:

“It’s an honour to accept the role of chairman and the confidence that ownership have in our boards vision moving forward.  In order for us to become successful both on and off the pitch it will take a collective much bigger than just myself and I’m looking forward to a collaboration of staff, volunteers, players and most importantly you the fans.  I don’t take this stewardship lightly and our board intend to give their all.”

The board is rounded out by successful local businessmen Richard Lewis and Chris Freeman with an open approach to additions in the future.  This includes building on our relationships with both the Supporters Trust and T-End Originals that both represent the fans voices and support.  This was solidified last night with a meeting that outlines all our commitments to work together moving forward.

The board are delighted to confirm our full backing for manager, Mike Cook and his coaching team.  They came into the club during a difficult time and had to work under restraints that we feel didn’t give them the best chance to avoid relegation.  Sustainability is now our focus and we’ll allocate our budget accordingly, ensuring financial stability for the upcoming league campaign.  We have already discussed in depth with Mike potential targets as we look at reshaping the squad over the summer.

Our plan is to link with the youth further and develop a clear pathway into the first team. You will have seen Harley Mustoe, Jamie Creed, Jaxson Hundt and Ty Lake in and around the first team squad and there a few more that are being considered once pre-season gets underway.

The future of the club is our youth - whether supporting from the stands or putting on a shirt to represent the club. This is for both the boys and girls that currently represent us in their age groups and are pushing to fulfil their potential.

We are delighted to support Chris Hill and his staff  with their expansion of our women’s and girls teams within the club with exciting news coming soon.  It’s vital we continue to fly the flag for female sport in the city and county.

With much to do over the close season, we are looking forward to sharing news with you on club structure, roles, further partnerships and sponsorships.

The unwavering support from our fans has been truly remarkable, and we'll need your continued support as we strive to bounce back.


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