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On the eve of another massive home game we wanted to give you, the fans, a little update on the club from the boards perspective.

First and foremost we’d like to give huge credit to the manager, staff and players who have got us some big results lately to keep us alive in the battle to beat the drop.  We are hoping the support with recent additions will be a difference maker and give us the best chance of survival.

As we the board work hard to look to build stability around the club we want to highlight some key positions and recent additions for you all to be aware of. 

Jay Marriott will now take on the General Manager role focusing mainly on marketing, partnerships and sponsorship.  We have asked for him to start to build some foresight for the club and look ahead to what the future can look like for the club.

Chris Hill will continue in his role as Operations Coordinator focusing on day to day needs of the club, supporting staff and volunteers through a typical week at the club.

Dave Herridge will be contracted to run the bar and events, bringing a wealth of experience in the trade as well as true passion for the club.  We ask for your patience tomorrow as we look to transition in some new products building on our great relationship with Greene King and Gloucester Brewery.  Any questions please feel free to approach Dave and he’ll happily give you more information.

Mike Hedley-Ward will be contracted to handle all catering at the club, he has been fantastic in providing stability for us in the time we have been in position and we look forward to building our offering over time.

It’s been agreed that collectively Dave and Mike will be offering all volunteers a pie and a drink of their choice as a thank you for all their continued hard work at each and every home game.

Claire Lane will continue in her role as Matchday Coordinator, with valuable experience and popularity throughout the club we are delighted that she will continue to help us with our matchday experience.

Mark Cook has been and will continue to provide mentorship to the youth development which has been invaluable to our plans for continuing to build this area of the club.

We can also confirm and say we are delighted that both Robin Mogg and Dave Herridge have accepted our invitation to join the board to represent the voice of the fans.  Please feel free to discuss with them anything you would like to see brought up in our focus groups designed to improve the matchday experience for you all as well as connect us closer together in the future.

Keep an eye on the socials these next few weeks as we have some exciting new partnerships and sponsorship coming your way to help us continue to build.

How can you the fans help?

Please continue your amazing support for our remaining home games, bring a friend, encourage the family and if you feel the urge to do a little more come and join us as a volunteer by contacting us on any social platforms.

Let us know if you have enjoyed this update and would like to hear more from us as we move forward.

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Delighted to see the improvement from the new Board. At last the fans have a Board who recognise that people matter. Sorry not to have been to see the team this season but have a very ill wife. I look for the results every week and pray we can escape the drop. Keep up the good work. Cheers George Irvine Former Chairman.

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