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Defender Ben Nugent on City’s season and looking forward to 22/23…

After a strong finish to the season its leaves you thinking ‘what could have happened if we had got off to a good start?’. Momentum is a massive part of football and unfortunately that’s something we couldn’t build this season. Our form was sporadic with lack of consistency in the starting XI being a huge factor.

On a personal note, I’ve found the first season in Gloucester a great experience. The gaffa and Daf are top drawer and if you were at the end of season awards you would have heard Lee say that the team is full of good humans and that goes both ways. With loads of obstacles chucked at them including suspensions and injuries, they steered us to a good finish.

It’s tough to say where the spark for a run of form came from towards the end of the season as we continued to show grit in games and pick up points. Matt McClure being fit, well sort of fit, helped tremendously as his little cameos were crucial in a number of games. As mentioned, the injuries we’ve had this season have really affected team selection with important players being stuck in the physio room at various points. After a season in the national League North and now that I’ve seen what’s out there, I see no reason why we can’t be at the top next season. However, to do this I feel keeping most of the squad fit is going to be pivotal. My journey to the National League North has come after several league clubs and I can honestly say there are players in our team who could make the cut. Some players certainly have the potential but players like Daws, Tommy and Leads who already have league experience are still more than capable in my opinion. Young JJ is a player with loads of potential, and after a lengthy period on the side-lines I know that he’s chomping at the bit to prove his worth. Going into next season, after an injury that meant I didn’t feature at the back end of the last one I’m certainly looking forward to getting back for pre-season and getting to work. The one thing this league demands is being fit and not only that, the gaffa demands it. I’m looking forward getting underway but at the same time I know it’s going to be hell. However, when the team come out the other side I know for sure we are going to be raring to go as we began our 2022/2023 campaign.

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