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Club Statement

The club has received reports of discriminatory remarks being made by Gloucester City fans during yesterday’s unfortunate FA Cup defeat away at Folkestone Invicta.

There is no place for this type of behaviour in football or the wider society and we as a club are ashamed to be associated with these allegations. We understand that recent results are frustrating but there is never a reason to resort to this and we must hold ourselves to a higher standard both on and off the pitch.

Football should be a safe place for people of all ages to gather and support their chosen team and the club apologises for any hurt or insult caused by a few thoughtless individuals. This behaviour does not reflect the values of the club and will therefore not be tolerated.

The club are investigating and will take the necessary action against all those involved.

Ever Forwards

Everyone at GCAFC

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Manuel Murphy
Manuel Murphy
4 days ago

I hope the club will investigate the reasons for yesterday's unfortunate FA Cup loss to Folkestone Invicta. doodle baseball

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