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Please take the time to read the code of conduct and ticketing policy prior to purchase of matchday tickets. 
NOTE: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, NO away fans will be permitted entry to the stadium. No supporters in areas designated as "Tier 3 or Tier 4" should travel to games. Refreshments will not be on sale to limit the risk of transmission.  
The purchaser of the ticket makes a commitment not only to respect the social distancing needs of others, but also to avoid acting in any way that might risk the health of fellow spectators and staff working at the ground. 
It is emphasised that supporters/visitors/contractors must not attend if any symptoms are present to self or anybody else in their bubble and we reserve the right to refuse admission if any symptoms including high temperature are displayed. 
You are kindly requested to follow our Spectators’ Code of Conduct as detailed below: 
At all times and in all areas of the ground, please observe social distancing (1m+) and avoid close contact with others who are not in your social or support bubble. 
Masks must always be worn. 
No bags will be allowed into the stadium as there as will be no bag searching stations to avoid congestion. 
Please do not throw the ball back onto the field of play, please pass to one of the stewards as the COVID 19 Protocol states all balls must be cleaned and then returned to the field of play. 
Please arrive at the ground in good time to go through all necessary entry procedures. You will be given a 20-minute time slot for entry into the stadium this is to assist with social distancing and flow. 
Anyone over the age of 12 must wear a face covering when approaching the ground, on entering through the turnstiles and at all times within the stadium. 
Re-admission into the ground is not permitted. 
Make sure in advance that you know where your entry point is, and if an entry time is specified on your ticket please be there on time. 
Be aware that your temperature will be taken as a condition of entry. Entry will not be permitted if a high temperature is displayed. 
If you need to access any of the ground’s amenities, such as toilets, concessions etc. check to see if any of them are not in use and plan, accordingly, wear your mask. 
Remain in your seat or viewing position at all times where possible. 
If you do need to leave your viewing position, wait for a time when the gangway is clear and always follow the signs indicating which way to go where a one-way route is in operation, wear your mask. 
In seated areas if seeking to pass another spectator on the same row in order to access or leave a seat use the ‘brush past’ method. A spectator should turn their back as they pass, to avoid close face to face contact, wear your mask. 
Maintain good hygiene - use the hand sanitisers provided and avoid touching your face or mask. 
Please observe respiratory etiquette - always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze. 
Avoid hugs, high fives and any close contact with people who are not within your social or support bubble. 
If you are attending with other members of your social or support bubble, make sure they have read and understood all of the guidelines. 
No vaping 
Please be aware tickets are only available for purchase in advance online. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to purchase a ticket at the ground on match days. 
Track and trace 
Official NHS QR poster will be displayed at all entry points and within the ground. 
The NHS COVID-19 app has a feature that allows you to quickly and easily ‘check in’ to the venue by scanning the code. The information stays on your phone. In England, if you choose to ‘check in’ using the official NHS QR code to provide your contact details, you will not be asked by the club to provide them. If there is an outbreak associated with a venue, a message will be sent to your app with the necessary public health advice. 
The club offers the following concessionary tickets for under 18's, students, senior citizens (i.e. both men and women over 65 years of age) and for disabled supporters.  
Throughout the season games could be segregated, this will be communicated through all media channels and through the official club website. It will also be clearly stated on the ticket. 
As a general rule, ticket refunds are only issued in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the club. Should a match be abandoned following admission to the stadium but before kick-off, supporters will be entitled to free admission to the rearranged match. Should a match be abandoned after kick-off, but before half-time and the match rearranged, supporters will be entitled to half price admission. Should a match be abandoned at or after half time, discounted admission to a rearranged match is at the club’s discretion. 
Ticket prices for Cup competitions will be at the discretion of the Club and subject to agreement with the opposing Club. Tickets for certain cup matches may be allocated on a priority basis with season-ticket holders being given an option to buy tickets before they go on general sale. 
The Club reserves the right to alter matchday prices from-time-time. 
The Club does not charge prices for visiting supporters that are higher than those charged to home supporters. 
In the event of a supporter being denied entry to the stadium or being ejected because of inappropriate behaviour or banned for a period of time, no refunds will be made on any match tickets or season tickets paid in advance. 
Season tickets only cover league matches. Please ensure when purchasing online tickets you select the season ticket option. The name on the ticket must be the same name as on the season ticket and you must bring your season ticket to all home games for verification. 
Changes to ticketing policy are announced well in advance but are rarely implemented midseason. 
Please follow the club’s media channel and official website for any changes during COVID 19. 
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