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One City!

Gloucester City are proud to launch the One City campaign!

We are proud of Gloucester, our iconic cathedral, beautiful Quays and amazing people.

This football club has been in existence since 1883 and we really do see it as a part of the fabric of our community. Our vision is to bring the club back to the city to be at one with our fanbase.

"We are making great strides as a football club to get back into the community after such a long time away from home. Our club needs our city and it’s residents, and our city needs our club," commented Manager Lee Mansell.

"We will continue to build the club going forward and have a team that matches the passion and pride we have in our great city."

In addition to the men's team we also have a successful women's team making great strides since their inception in May 2021.

"Over 30 players attend training each week. We are lucky to have received the level of interest we have in our inaugural season from the fans and the wider Gloucester community," commented women's coach Chris Hill.

"We are providing a supportive environment for the players to play in and develop their game. "

"We believe that there is a positive future for Gloucester City Women with the development plans that we have in place as part of the wider club.

In the last few weeks we have seen academy players Joe Jeremiah, Jack Hill and Jerzy Marszalek appear in our first team squad. A launch of our brand new City Juniors programme and the introduction of our football camps.

CEO of Gloucester Sport Jay Marriott commented:

"Returning back to the city for the first time since 2007 and being able to play at home has given us a platform to build on."

"What I have loved about this football club is that we are ambitious and want to play in league football in the near future. That's our professional goal. But there is also a wider picture to the club - we know that our community is at the heart of this football club and that means everything to us."

"Outside of our professional set-up we have made commitments to the women’s game, disability, schools programs, camps and community sessions around the city."

"When a football club and the community are pulling together as one city we believe it has the power to change lives positively. We are looking forward to implementing new activity within the city and be sharing some of these with you over the coming months."

"I would like to personally thank the supporters, our staff, volunteers, partners and sponsors because without them all the above and more wouldn’t be possible."

"This is just the start for us of building something special. I’m excited to see where we can take this club and play our part in a proud, strong community."

The One City campaign aims to be a vehicle to shout about some of the activity we are getting involved with and give opportunities for all aspects of our city to come join us and get involved.

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11 mar 2022

Sterling words that compliment this sterling idea. Having a strong football club can feed the desire of many different aspects within this historic city.

Me gusta
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