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International Partnership for GCAFC

Gloucester City AFC are delighted to announce their partnership with University Degrees Abroad (UDA). The American based academy are partnered with the University of Gloucestershire to offer American based students a chance to study abroad whilst also receiving a professional standard experience in several different sports.

The partnership will span across the Gloucester Sport model but has first started with football. Players within the academy will compete for Gloucester City AFC at U21 level, with the club now using that age group differently in their new structure. In return the academy will be helping the club’s local talent to gain sports scholarships to the USA so they can continue studies and play at the highest collegiate level.

Gloucester Sport CEO, Jay Marriott said:

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jeff and Brian over a number of months and see so many similarities in the values that they run their program. The American player market has been up and coming for a while now and we are excited to open our club to them in order to build the program to the next level. For our academy players this will be a different but great opportunity should they wish to access it to look to travel, study and continue to play at a high level. As we develop our player pathways we want to offer as many opportunities as possible to develop them as a player and a student.”

Executive Director of UDA, Brian Haley said:

"We are delighted to work with a football club with over 139 years of tradition and history rooted in the community. This opportunity will offer our International students and the youth players at GCAFC opportunities in the UK and USA that will broaden their experiences on and off the pitch. The working relationship will further strengthen the UDA mission for students by providing community engagement as they study at the University of Gloucestershire. Thank you to Jay Marriot for being the architect of this relationship that will enhance the mission, vision and values of our respective organizations"


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