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in the dugout | the forgotten man

Kennedy Digie arrived at the Tiger Turf Stadium with great promise this season, an athletic, aggressive centre back was exactly what the team needed to start building a playoff contender. One of the stand out players in pre-season and a bright opening season start was derailed as the injury curse struck once again at the club. It's been a long and arduous way back but with a return just around the corner we caught up with one of the forgotten talents at the club.

Kennedy thanks for taking time to talk with us, it's been a frustrating time being on the side-lines for as long as you have, how have you kept yourself motivated and in good spirits?

I owe a lot to my family who have supported me throughout this tough time. They've constantly reminded me you have to play with the hand you are dealt, to keep moving and just keep making progress every day, no matter how small that might be. I owe a lot to the boys in the changing room, keeping me positive about the injury and keeping me laughing which is good for me. Shout out to Jordan and Adam at Titan Performance, having them look after me has put my mind at ease that I am doing the things necessary to get back fit and healthy.

Is there a timetable for your return?

Early to mid January I'm aiming to be back in full training so that's my focus at the minute. Until then you will probably see me doing a lot of running before games so give me a wave of encouragement.

Give me your thoughts on the season so far?

It's been eventful to say the least, with many ups and downs as expected in football. I really do feel like this changing room has the potential to achieve something special this season.

From a team perspective what can we expect in 2023?

It's football so it will still be ups and downs but hopefully more highs and a strong finish in the business end of the season so stick with us.

Personally what are your aims for 2023?

To do everything in my power to help get us up the table and pushing to achieve something this season.

The club returns to home action on Saturday 14th January against rivals Hereford FC, don't miss out, get your tickets HERE.


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