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in the dugout | super dom

Dominic McHale has become a consistent driving force for the clubs playoff push. The attacking midfielder made a huge impression when originally on loan with two goals on his debut with the club delighted to see him sign a contract until the end of the season.

We had a chance to catch up with Dom and hear about his expectations for the season and learn more about him as an individual:

1. Dom as a club we were delighted to be able to sign you after your loan period what made you decide to stay?

It was a pleasure to sign on a perm, being involved with such a talented and good group of lads, staff plus such a passionate and welcoming fan base, there were no 2nd thoughts when asked to sign permanently.

2. Give us a little history on you as a player so the fans can get to know you more?

I was signed on at Man City from age 12 - 17 and left in my second year scholarship to try pursue a different path starting lower, signing a professional deal with Barnsley.

However over a period of time things didn’t go the way I imagined and I took a break from football and played locally for a few different teams with my mates to get my enjoyment back in. I’ve also played abroad in Cyprus which was a fantastic experience and something different which I wanted to try. I spent that last two years at Telford in Conf north.

3. Over the Christmas period there has seemed to be a real connection in the forward line with you playing a pivotal role…what do you put this down to?

Honestly, with the quality we have throughout our side but especially the front players its been easy to slot in there. The more we’ve trained and played together over the past two and a half months has created a massive cohesion between us to produce some good stuff at times and makes sure we are all on the same page.

4. Give us some insight into working with the Gaffer?

Yeah he’s got a real passion for us a whole to do well and improve. He honest which is a major thing, you always want someone honest and straight up and with gaffer you get that. It’s been a pleasure working with him so far and appreciate him bringing in to the club.

5. What do you think of his clobber? Best dressed in football?

Haha you don’t want to know my opinion on that.

6. Tell the fans something they would never know about you? A hobby or anything like that

I love a game of darts and an interest in fishing. A friend of mine took me fishing a few years ago and it became something I’m really into.

7. Lastly what can this team achieve in the run in to the season?

The realism is that with a full squad we can definitely make the play offs. The league this year is tight and with the talent we have in the dressing room we have a real chance for play offs.

Come and see Dom and the boys as they look for 3 points against rivals Hereford FC at home, get your tickets HERE.


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