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in the dugout | hear from the gaffer

Coming up on the three month mark, Manager Steven King heads into a big festive double header of games just three points off the playoff places in the National League North. Coming in with a big reputation it was a red hot start for the new City Manager which has now become ebbs and flows with heavy changes as he looks to mould his new team into contenders.

Gloucester Sport CEO, Jay Marriott had this to say:

It's been great to work with Steven on a daily basis, there is always a transition for any club and new manager as we look to continue supporting the gaffer and his needs to build the squad he wants. We have accepted there may be some short term chaos with multiple changes but there is a desire to work fast as we still see this season as an opportunity for success not a season of learning. We ask the fans to be patient as we embark on a two year project with Steven and believe he can deliver on the vision he set out to us.

Lets hear from the Gaffer:

1. Gaffer we head into this festive league double header just three points off the playoffs, what has the message to the lads been in preparation?

The lads don't need much motivation coming into these games, they know exactly where we are and how important these games are for us headed into the second half of the season. Right now I want the players to stay relaxed, enjoy time with their families and look after themselves.

2. Christmas for professional football players and staff is very different to the normal. Give us some insight into how you balance the competitive nature of upcoming games with time for families and celebration?

I think over time it's become less and less of an issue for our players. As a staff we used to be stressing over players getting drunk at parties etc but most players these days take their profession very seriously and tend to just enjoy time with their families. This time of the season we try not overload the players, have them be very relaxed, enjoy time at home but be very focused on what we need to be succesful.

3. Nearly three months into your new role, how has your time at the club been so far?

It's been a whirlwind to be honest, we have a lot of work to do to get things to where I want them on and off the pitch but I'm passionate about this club and the project I have at hand. We are building something special here so it's staying focused on our goals and making changes as quickly and sensibly as we possibly can.

4. The fans get the chance to return to their old stadium end, an emotional day for them. What are you hoping for on the day as try to get our home advantage and edge back?

I'm excited, I think it will be brilliant, I've been told so much by the fans that the atmosphere will be completely different so I'd love to see that.

5. As we look forward to 2023 what are your expectations for the rest of the season?

We want to try and finish as high as we possibly can. Apart from the cancelled season the highest finish for this club has been 10th. I'm a very competitive man and want us to take that next step but we can't get ahead of ourselves or lose focus on the daily task at hand.

6. Lastly do you have a message for the fans as we head into the Christmas break?

Thank you for making me feel welcome so soon. It's going to be a bumpy road as we are in a transition period, there will be a number of players going and coming but we will get there in the end. It's a project I'm committed to having signed a two year deal and within those two years I want to be challenging for promotion. I have done it at every club I have been at and there is no reason why I can't make that happen here in Gloucester, so fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride.

Don't forget to book your tickets and join us on NEW YEARS DAY here at the Tiger Turf Stadium.


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