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Groves looking forward to Southport trip

City manager Paul Groves is looking forward to the opening match of the season, as we travel to Southport. You can check out his interview in full on our YouTube channel, or by clicking here.

Here is a transcript of his pre-match interview.

On his assessment of pre-season...

"Overall yes I think we can be relatively pleased, we've bed down a shape and a way of playing, the players have come through with a good ethic and understanding and they're fit. We're on a journey and we're on our way down the line, but we're making good progress."

On what he's been most impressed by during pre-season...

"The players attitude and application daily, they're hungry, they're eager to learn and eager to play."

On his thoughts ahead of the match...

"We look forward to the new season, we look forward to it with optimism, and we are encouraged by what we've seen, so hopefully we can get off to a good start."

As to the threat from Southport...

"Every season chucks up surprises as to clubs that are fancied, clubs that are not fancied so you never know how teams will end the year. What we can guarantee though that we're facing a team coached by Liam, who knows the league very well, he's got good knowledge so we know it will be a tough game. But that means it's one we can look forward to and hopefully tat means we can come out of this weekend with a positive result"

On what his targets are for the season...

"We'll take this year one step at a time, and take each game as it comes. If you start looking further ahead then you can cause yourself some real problems."

On this being the first away match for City fans since March 2020...

"It'll be fantastic to finally have fans back. The game is about the fans, 100%, the difference for the players thanks to the fans and the data backs this up. The atmosphere that fans can create is exceptional."

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