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Changes to club personnel

There have been some recent changes to club personnel as detailed below:


Alex Petheram and Eamonn McGurk

Football General Manager

Luke Joseph

Basketball General Manager / Gloucester Sport CEO

Jay Marriott

Club Secretary

Chris Hill

Football & Basketball Operations Manager Claire Lane


Trevor King

Board Secretary

Miriam Mitchell

Safety Officer

Jody Gooding

Welfare Officer

Stuart Lane


Big Barry

Commercial Manager

Mike Turner @ Open Clubhouse

Press & Website

Matt Phillips

Social Media

Chris Palmer

Senior Football Staff

Manager Paul Groves

Assistant Manager & Sports Science Manager

Dr Niall Clark

Kit Man

Karl Shepherd


Justin Saunders

Performance Analyst

Chloe Golding

Women’s & Academy Manager

Chris Hill

Youth Secretary Nathan Bullingham

U21/23 Manager

Craig Robinson

U21/23 Assistant Manager

Jason Radford

U18 Manager

Nick Rieger

U16 Manager

Adie Viner

U15 Manager

Simon Bean

U14 Manager

Colin Taylor

U13 Manager

Josh Taylor

U12 Manager

Jade Powell

Goalkeeping Coach

Warren Passey


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