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Building trust

Gloucester City AFC board members are delighted to announce a partnership agreement with the club's two supporters organisations. The significance of this announcement is it will enable a bridge of communication between the club and it's fan base as the board look to build interaction moving forward. This will mean regular meetings, fundraising, collaboration on projects, stadium improvements and matchday support.

The Gloucester City AFC Supporters Trust was reformed in 2001 and has recently become shareholders within the club and the T-End Originals Supporters Club was established in 2023 and recently obtained their official FSA certificate of membership.

GCAFC Chairman, Colin Taylor had this to say:

We have been overwhelmed with the support we have been given from both the Supporters Trust and T-End Originals especially as we have moved into the off-season and are in a race to have things ready for the new season. It's good to have an outlet that has the best interests of the club and it's fan base that can work closely with us as a board to understand the challenges we face moving forward and make sure we realise the potential of our great club.

GCST Board Member, Matt Phillips had this to say:

The Trust taking a more active role in the club can only be a good thing and we are grateful to Eamonn, Colin, Jay and Rich for their honesty in the meetings we've had with them. As recent shareholders within the club it's given a renewed focus on the responsibilities of everyone involved. We plan to have a memorandum of understanding in place between us all that is something common across many supporters trusts and it formalises the relationship between club and trust.

The Gloucester City AFC Supporters Trust have also committed to sponsoring our First Team Goalkeeper, Jared Thompson for the 2024/25 season.

Matt Phillips continued to say:

We're delighted to be sponsoring Jared, he's proved himself to be a safe pair of hands and in the nicest way possible sense, we hope he has a quiet season.

T-End Originals Supporters Club Chairman, David Herridge had this to say:

Having got to know the board from a business perspective I have been impressed with their vision and approach and want to make sure we get behind them and give them as much support as we possibly can. Being able to understand what's going on in honest and transparent meetings gives us an opportunity to communicate back to the fans and build that connection. It's been great to see the recruitment for this season, it has shown serious intent but it's been more impressive the boards focus on sustainability and care for the club to have a bright future.

The T-End Originals Supporters Club will also be sponsoring Kieran Phillips for the 2024/25 season. The returning striker was a real fan favourite and hoping to be singing his name after a fair few goals.

As a club we encourage you to join one of our fantastic Supporters Club offerings and hear more about the advantages of this wonderful partnership.


davenport kim
davenport kim
5 days ago

Congratulations to Gloucester City AFC board members on signing partnership agreements with two organizations that support the club. Highlights the importance of creating a communication bridge between the club and fan base as the board looks to build future engagement. flappy bird


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Eddy Smith
7 days ago

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