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Assistant Manager Marc McGregor on summer signings, our new league and club culture

As the club have recently found out that we will be playing in the Southern League Premier South for the 2024/25 season, our assistant manager Marc Mcgregor updates the fans on the ongoings around the club at this moment in time.

So, the news broke that you will be playing in the Southern League Premier South next year, what are your thoughts on it?

MM: "Yes, it’s obviously a bit more pleasing than going into the central, especially geographically regarding players, travel and knowing the league. I think it’s a league that we know a little bit better than the central. I’m pleased that it is done, not pleased that we’re there but that's something we've got to deal with next year and we can look forward to that as we go through the next 12 months."

Are there any opponents that you are looking forward to facing?

MM: "It’s a really strong league as teams have found out, AFC Totton have been really going for it over the last few years and they assembled a great squad, a great management team and they have also got a new director of football in there, so they’re really having a go.


"Havant and Waterlooville will be strong as they have come down, I don’t see any real "gimme's" as such, it’s another league where teams will beat each other and hopefully we will come out as victor’s and that is something we are aiming for as a management team and definitely as a playing squad."

A lot of fans think the summer time is for rest but for you it is planning for the season ahead, is there any news on what is in the pipeline?

MM: "Yeah so, I’d like to say it is a quiet period, but it is not. We are in a situation here now where we cannot get things wrong, I think previously when we’ve been at clubs the planning is done six months towards the end of the season, where we are chatting to players, gearing up and identifying the right ones that we want.


"The end of last season was really difficult understanding what league we were going to be in, the type of characters that we want, the type that we need to move out and the ones that we want to move in. It was a real challenge, and it continues to be a challenge.

The good thing is, we know where we are, we’ve identified the players that we need and we are having really positive chats with them.


"We are chatting to some really exciting players, it is a real positive where we are compared to what we came into, players sat in the physio room on the treatment table are no good to us, so we have got to do our due diligence. There will be a couple of medicals going ahead over the next couple of weeks to make sure they are fit enough and ready to go into a long, hard season.


"They are a couple of exciting players that we have worked with previously and we know they are probably good enough for the level above and that is the type of player that we need if we are going to have a successful year.


"I am really looking forward to it, we want to get a few across the line, but we want to make sure we do it in the right way."

After a tough season, you sound really positive already, like you are geared up and ready to go!

MM: "I am sure the supporters will tell you more than me that it was a draining season, it is probably the hardest season, and one that we reflect back on and we can learn from and that is all you can do really.


"We saw at the end of the season how good the support was, it was brilliant and we need to give them something to shout for next year and that is the type of characters we want to attract at this football club, ones that are hungry to go and win football matches and I am upbeat about the conversations that we are having.


"I know Cooky is away and he is back tomorrow, so I am looking forward to a nice two weeks of getting our teeth into speaking to players and hopefully getting a couple over the line, but the right ones that are going to cross that white line. You get it with Spence, you get it with Hanksy and you get it with a few others who really want to fight for this football club and if you don’t then you are probably not the right character for us.


"We know the ones that do want to fight and we have targeted and I am looking forward to next season and that is why I am quite upbeat because there are some good conversations going around."

The link to the full interview can be seen on our official X page here:


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