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City host Man V Fat

Gloucester City have many different teams ranging from the youth players to the men’s first team however there is a new team in town. The Glevum XI otherwise known as Man V Fat, is a newly formed set up giving overweight men based in Gloucester an opportunity to get involved.

Man v Fat football started in September 2021 at Henley Bank School on Thursday nights with the concept of playing small sided football games. The unique element to this format is that before every game the players weigh themselves, with their performance on the scales added to the on-pitch scores to determine the winner. The emphasis on not only achieving success on the pitch but also off the pitch with approximately 90% of players losing weight.

Glevum XI is using football as a tool to support some incredible weight loss journeys including founder Ryan Barkle who lost 5 and a half stone whilst providing an opportunity for men to compete in an 11 a side game, that due to their weight would either not have the opportunity to play the game they loved or had stopped playing.

Man V Fat Glevum XI

Man V Fat also has a digital challenge weight loss programme giving the support men need from their home. Weekly challenges encourage members to not only lose weight but build healthy habits. There’s a personal progression dashboard giving a useful platform to allow men to work towards their goals.

Glevum XI is a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to get involved with 11 a side football in addition to their Thursday night sessions. It was no surprise that when fixtures started to get arranged in March there were men up and down the country who wanted to get in on the action. It’s taken a huge leap in the right direction with Glevum XI welcoming West Brom MvF, Black Country Rangers, Basingstoke MvF and Wolves MvF to the TigerTurf Stadium. Games are also in the diary against Kidderminster MvF, Andover MvF, Oxford MvF, Swindon MvF, Bath MvF and YMCA.

The opportunity for travelling teams to play at the TigerTurf Stadium will be an exciting prospect and having already gained a following, this newly founded project will hopefully continue to spread their good work throughout the country.

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