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Welcome to Gloucester City Youth FC – Providing local league football for boys and young adults in Gloucester. We are an FA Charter Standard Community Club, affiliated to Gloucestershire FA. 
Gloucester City Youth Development (GCYD) was set up 20 years ago with the sole purpose of coaching and developing players to eventually be ready to play first team adult football. 
Initially numbers and teams were small, but over the years we have grown into what we are today, which is an FA Charter Standard Club with nearly 200 players (both boys and girls) across age groups from Under 10 to Under 18. 
Club Philosophy 
We have a club philosophy with age-appropriate guidelines and principles for cultivating independence, creativity and motivation which are the cornerstones of our approach. The ultimate object of our holistic concept, which treats football, school, career and social relations as a single entity, is to provide general principles and precise instructions for coaches at each age and ability level. 
The stated goal of our training and development work is to comprehensively transform athletically gifted children into creative players with excellent game action speed and professional potential. 
Youth players should emerge from our development scheme as resilient team players with great strength of character. We also want to inspire them to be lifelong learners and to prepare them for life. 
At the core of our effectiveness as educators is the example we set as coaches, the way we talk, the way we move, the way we act. Our players observe our attitude towards common values such as loyalty, discipline and fairness, as well as our conduct around referees, fellow coaches and players, and they copy what we do. 
The FA charter standard accreditation is awarded to clubs and leagues rigorously adjudged to be well-run and sustainable – and which prioritise child protection, quality coaching and implementation of the Respect programme. 
We welcome players of all ability and experience to the club, so please get in touch about coming along to join us. 
All our football coaches are FA qualified and licensed, and the coaching staff includes a number of Gloucester City AFC first team players, many of whom have progressed through our youth teams. 
For more information, please email academy@gcafc.co.uk 
Welcome to our new Online academy! 
The Online Academy is a collaboration between the Academy, the Foundation, GCAFCTV and the first team playing and coaching staff. 
The Online Academy will develop over the forthcoming weeks and incorporate more opportunities for young people to learn more about the 2 key aims for us at the Academy; 
Developing The Capacity to Play 
Developing The Confidence to Compete 
There will also be the opportunity for our young people to compete in esports competitions, meet regularly with their team and coaches via zoom and play their part in shaping the academy via our new online youth forum. 
Please click on the YouTube links and the document download links in red below for tasks and challenges. 
Take Care, 
Yesterday's gone 
Tomorrow never comes 
Make the most of today! 
Please download the PDF below and use as a wallpaper on your phone or print and pin this up at home 
Hello and welcome to week two of GCAFC Online Academy. This week we have; 
Player psychology resilience with Club record apperance holder Tom Webb 
Strength and conditioning with Matt Healey and ball mastery with Robert Di Segni 
We also have a Leadership Challenge - compile your weekly exercise diary and email back to academy@gcafc.co.uk by midnight on Jan 31st. Best 15 will make the squad of the week which will be published on the Website and the Club's Twitter account. 
Big thank you to everyone in the GCAFC TV Media Team and to Chris on the Website. Big thank you to Tom Webb, Roberto and Matt for the videos. 
Take care, 
Hello and welcome to week three of the GCAFC Online Academy. 
This week we have a positivity lesson with Alex Sykes and a finishing practise drill with Matt McClure and Roberto Di Segni. We will also be dropping a Matt Healey strength session later in the week.  
This week's leadership is 50 a day. 50 a day is a communication and teamwork challenge. Players are challenged to do 50 keep ups per day and film or photograph one of the sessions. Send films and pictures to academy@gcafc.co.uk and we will make a large collage of all of the images to post on the Club YouTube and on the Online Academy page. 
As part of the 50 a day challenge, myself and Tom Hoskins from chanceischange.com are doing 50 keep ups per day from Feb 1st to Feb 28th to highlight the need for us all to support mental health awareness with children and young people in our community. 
Take care, 
Hi Everyone, 
Welcome to week four of the Online Academy. This week we have; 
Psychology with Tom Webb centered around friendship and working together as a team 
Roberto Di Segni and Matt McClure with a look at being balanced and ready to take chances around the box 
Matt Healey with core stength exercises 
I'd like to thank you for all your responses to the individual leadership challenges. This week's team of the week is based on the exercise diary. 
Next week's will be based on the keepy uppy challenge videos. 
Make sure you get your video or photograph in and the team at GCAFC TV will stitch them all together for a club YouTube video. All entrants get a mention in the team of the week. 
The challenge this week is a Matt Healey challenge, choose three of Matt's core exercises and put them together as a 1 min HIT (High Intensity Training) video. Send the videos through to your coaches via social media groups. We will share these with Matt and the best video, chosen by Matt, will be posted to the club's YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. 
Also this week we will have news of our Rocket League knockout tournament - Competition format details, dates for the competition and prizes for winners will all be announced by this coming Wednesday. 
Keep your eyes peeled! 
Big thank you to Tom Webb, Roberto Di Segni, Matt McClure, Matt Healey, all the lads at GCAFC TV and to Chris for the Website. 
Take care, 
Hi Everyone, 
Welcome to week five of the Online Academy. This week we focus on the Academy players. 
We have a GK video that Elliott Jones, U18's Goalkeeper, has put together with the GCAFC TV Team - excellent work by Elliott and our first opportunity to offer our Academy GK's specific technical guidance. 
Then we have our Team of the Week Challenge which was to do 50 keepy ups to raise awareness of young people's mental health in lockdown. Huge round of applause to everyone for this. I do have to apologise, I lost some footage in digital transport, if your film isn't on here please let me know and we will re-edit it. 
We also have U11's Zachary Lane showing excellent leadership skills this week during half term - he is running a daily challenge of 23 times round the pitch at Meadow Park all of which adds up to a full marathon over the week. Zachary is raising funds for the club and the NHS. 
Zach can be supported via his Just Giving donation page, click on the photo to donate. 
Lastly we have our Rocket League Tournament this week, the details of the draw and the times for the games will be shared on here later in the week. 
Big thank you to to the GCAFCTV Team, Chris Warrior and Elliott Jones. 
Take care, 
Hi Everyone, 
Welcome to the Online Academy Week Six - We decided to delay the release this week as we were hoping that the Government announcement on Feb 22nd gave us the opportunity to give you some good news and some plans post lockdown. 
Well the good news came and we can confirm we will be returning to training on Monday, March 29th with the same programme we had prior to Christmas. 
We are hoping for competition in the JPL and Severn Valley League when we return and are also hoping to start to develop another football product very soon. 
I know it's been a long drag for everyone especially the players, and I know how patient you all have been, I've not heard one moan or grumble, all I've had is polite questions and people seeking advice and guidance - for that, I would like to give special praise to all the Academy parents this week. 
Thank you! 
It's not easy I know - I've been at both ends of football for a long time and I know how it feels as a parent, a coach and a representative of a club and you have all, as you always have since I started back in November, been extremely supportive of me, the coaches and the Academy and I appreciate it. 
Going forwards we will maintain the Online Academy as a tool to support the development of the players at the Academy. 
This week we have a little insight into the world of the very wonderful and very generous fox in the box, the one and only Matt McClure. Please watch Matt's video and please enter the competition to win a "Scouting for Goals" T-Shirt.  
Huge thanks to Isaac Henderson, Lee Mills and Chris Warrior.  
As always God bless, take care and I will see you all soon. 
Hi Everybody, 
Welcome to week 7 of the Online Academy. 
This week we want to launch our 4 Week Return to play programme. 
We have a week 1 programme for Outfield players and a week 1 for our Goalkeepers. 
All of our players where possible should try to use this programme to build up to our return to training on March 29th. 
Each day the club will tweet a motivation message from a member of staff to keep all of the players going over the next 4 weeks. 
Please share these videos with the players every morning. 
More news and info to come this week. 
God Bless, 
Hi Everyone, hope everyone is well. Big match tody at Meadow Park as City take on Oxford City. 
We have a match day match analysis for the Academy players - The Coach Vinny challenge
Challenge One - For our goalkeepers, count how many successful passes the Gk's from both teams make with their feet/hands in the game then add them all up and see who was the most successful. 
Challenge Two - For outfielders, choose a team to analyse, City or Oxford, how many successful passes into the middle third are converted into goal scoring chances/opportunities in the game, count up at the end and work out how successful they were at progressing into the final third and finishing the attack with a pop at goal. 
More to come tomorrow . Take care and enjoy the game. 
Hi Everyone and welcome to Part 2 of our Online academy this week. 
Week 2 of our return to play training plan and words of encouragement from the Gaffer. 
This week's training plan is based around Spirit and includes meditation and yoga. Controlling the mind is just as important as controlling and strengthening the body. 
Mindfulness will become a large part of our programme in forthcoming seasons as we develop the players. 
Alongside that this week we have 2 upper body days and 2 leg days - we have gone for a boxing/MMA theme this week. 
I hope you all enjoy and a huge thank you to Paul for working with us this week - there's more exclusive film to come later in the week.. 


Our U10, U12, U13, U14, U15 and U16 teams play in the Junior Premier League, with matches played on Saturday mornings. 
Our U11 team plays in the Severn Valley Youth League, again with matches on Saturday mornings. 
Our U18 team plays in the Midland Floodlit Youth League, with matches played midweek. 
Main Ground: Walls Sports & Social Club, Gloucester GL4 3HG | Training Ground: Oxtalls Indoor Tennis Centre, Gloucester GL2 9DW 
Gloucester City Youth FC | Club Officers 
Kirsten Jennings 
Head of Coach Development 
Nathan Bullingham 
Child Welfare Officer 
Stuart Lane 
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