Such is the nature with non-league football, that many clubs fan-bases don’t branch out from the town/cities borders, but Gloucester City have once more found fans across the international boundaries.\r\n\r\nThanks to a little bit of help from the massively popular computer game Football Manager by Sports Interactive, the Tigers reputation has already grown in countries such as Turkey and Belgium.\r\n\r\nWith fans spread across central Europe, the international branch of Tigers supporters has now moved north into Norway.\r\n\r\nGeir Runar Omli, one of the nine fans in the Gloucester City AFC Norwegian Supporters branch, explains how he and his friends came to support the Tigers.\r\n\r\n“Myself and eight other friends decided to have a competition on Football Manager” he said. “We decided to choose the lowest playable league in England and take the team with the lowest wage budget to the Premier League, so we chose Gloucester as our team.”\r\n\r\nHaving chosen to try and take the Tigers to the big time, Geir and his friends became more and more interested in Gloucester City.\r\n\r\n“Obviously we first found out about the team on Football Manager, and then we decided to research the club, learn the names of some of the players and read about the club news on the website.\r\n\r\n“Personally my favourite players are Zack Kotwica and Joe Parker. Joe was love at first sight on Football Manager and Zack is just awesome in real life!”\r\n\r\nWhen the group became fans of the Tigers, they quickly wanted to get their hands on a replica Gloucester City home kit.\r\n\r\n“It’s cool to support a club from the lower leagues that nobody in Norway has heard of. A lot of people here support big clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool or Milan.\r\n\r\n“When we first got the kits we all wore them to training and everyone was like “wow what is this!” So it’s great to support Gloucester and we wear the tiger kit with pride!”\r\n\r\nWith the Tigers enjoying a prominent presence on social media, Geir finds it easy to keep up with what’s going on at the club.\r\n\r\n“It’s easy to find out about results and news, because the website and Twitter account are so well updated. The only thing missing now is being able to watch the game live!”\r\n\r\nAlthough it isn’t possible to watch Gloucester City matches on the Internet, Geir says that he and his friends will be trying their hardest to come to England and watch a Tigers match live in the flesh.\r\n\r\n“It is a bit difficult at the moment with us all starting university but we would love to come over in January/February to watch a game and hopefully have a tour around Gloucester.\r\n\r\n“England is a football country, and we are all very interested in the sport so hopefully we will make it! Come on you yellows!”\r\n\r\nFrom left to right in the above picture: Jonas Solbakken, Anders Engelsen, Geir Runar Omli, Sindre Berg-Buan, Erik Stokkland, Jonas Storlykken Sunde.

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