The Management Board of Gloucester City FC have been reviewing the structure of the Youth section to enable further growth and the ultimate creation of an academy status.

As a club we are looking to improve and provide the best opportunities for the youth of Gloucestershire as well as continue to develop players to a high standard.

To this end a new committee structure will be put into place, led by Management Board member Ken Fagan, who will build a strong committee based around our excellent coaches, but also pulling in others who can provide the organisational capacity to take the club forward.

Club Chairman Mike Dunstan OBE commented “Our youth structure has grown in size and quality year on year, and we have to pay tribute to Ken Blackburn for the huge amount of time and commitment he has put in, for which the club is very grateful.

“We need to have in place a larger structure to drive it to the next level, and ultimately to a full-time academy.

“This new format will include a head of Youth coach development, who will be appointed shortly, which will allow our excellent players and coaches to reach their aspirations, and also to meet those of the club.

“We have to drive the highest possible standards so that we can attract the very best of the  talent that is all across Gloucester and the surrounding areas.

“Parents should be desperate to get their children the highest possible level of coaching, and the kids of the County should aspire to work hard and improve within the City family with the ultimate goal of a place in the academy and then the first team.”

Director of Football Tim Harris commented “I have always stated that without a good and progressive youth section you have no football club.

“Ken Blackburn has played a major part in the Youth Section for many years and I personally would like to thank him for his dedication and commitment to the role however we need to move forward. I sincerely hope he will play an active role along with Neil Mustoe with our under 18’s this coming season.”

Finally, the club is always looking for additional sponsors for its Youth set-up.  If any company wishes to associate itself with the future of Gloucester City AFC at this exciting time then the club would be very keen to hear from them.

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