Gloucester City Football Club are pleased to announce the launch of the Gold Bond Lottery, a fundraising scheme that the club hopes will bring significant income streams to the club.\r\n\r\nThe lottery, used by numerous clubs in the Football League and non-league, will give members the chance of large cash prizes on a weekly basis, of up to £10,000.\r\n\r\nGold Bond Lottery is designed to develop the club at all levels – with a proportion of the income being ring fenced for youth and community projects, and the rest put towards ensuring the first team builds on recent successes and becomes a force to be reckoned with.\r\n\r\nThe lottery will be run in conjunction with Blackpool Football Club, who have been running the Gold Bond Lottery for 26 years.\r\n\r\nActing Chairman Mike Dunstan believes the lottery will provide much-needed funds to the club’s numerous ventures into the local community.\r\n\r\n“We need to generate more money if we are to push ourselves on up the football pecking order, but we also aim to provide much-needed support to our youth and community programme, which is doing exceptional work across the City.\r\n\r\n“I recently met with officials of the Gold Bond lottery and they could not have been more helpful, and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.\r\n\r\n“This can and will be a major part in the development of our business and one that we hope will help generate success throughout the club.”\r\n\r\nManager Tim Harris is hopeful that the lottery will boost the club’s finances and improve the playing squad.\r\n\r\n“I think this lottery could provide a real boost to club finances, something we really need to do if we are to improve the playing squad – and that always has to be the aim,” said Harris.\r\n\r\n“I am also delighted that we will be able to increase the resources available to drive forward the youth and community schemes that are so important to the future of the club.”\r\n\r\nBy becoming a member of the Gold Bond Weekly Draw people will not only be helping the Club financially, but you will also have a chance of winning some of the fantastic prizes the draw gives away.\r\n\r\nWith an annual Jackpot Prize  of £10,000, and a mass of weekly prizes (1 x £2,000 1 x £500, 1 x £200, 2 x £100, 4 x £50, 6 x £25, 170 x £10 consolation prizes, 130 x £5 consolation prizes) it is hoped to sell the lottery well beyond the bounds of the clubs core support.\r\n\r\n“This is an established lottery with really attractive prizes so we hope to attract a wide spectrum of people to take part – and at just £1 a week minimum this is a great way to put yourself in with a chance of a significant cash prize, whilst helping the City’s club,” explained Dunstan.\r\n\r\nPeople can currently apply online for the lottery, and this is the club’s preferred method of sign-up, but paper forms will shortly be available, and there are several options to pay.\r\n\r\nDunstan added: “It is hoped that the scheme will be spread far and wide by City fans and businesses alike and we can make a success of this scheme by signing up family members, friends and colleagues then it will have a very real, noticeable and very positive effect on the whole club.”\r\n\r\n“I hope all who want to see a thriving football club at all levels will support it, and hopefully win some big prizes for themselves as well!”\r\n\r\nTo sign up for the lottery please follow the following link:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nEND

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