Gloucester City can announce that Stuart Pike will become Club Chairman after Nigel Hughes steps down from the role on December 31st.\r\n\r\nPike, who is currently a major club sponsor with Burger Star, was previously in the position for a brief period in 2006 but departed due to work commitments with the Royal Air Force.\r\n\r\nHowever, the club is is pleased to confirm he is honoured to take up the challenge for a second time and for the foreseeable future.\r\n\r\nStuart wishes to place on record his personal recognition of Nigel’s service in the role as Chairman for the past five years and his sterling loyalty to the Club at a time when stability was required through testing times.\r\n\r\n“With no ground and a limited income stream many would have not taken this position, so a huge thank you to Nigel in making my transition much easier”, Pike said.\r\n\r\n”I am sure we have not seen the last of him, as he has promised he will still be around on match days, taking in the atmosphere of the Football rather than the Boardroom.”\r\n\r\nIn becoming the chair of Gloucester City, Pike believes it was a ‘no brainer’ as he looks to place the club firmly on the map.\r\n\r\n“My business is at the heart of the Gloucester City community so when I was approached about taking the position it was a no brainer.”\r\n\r\n”I have a passion for all sport and Football is top of my menu.”\r\n\r\n”Gloucester, as a city, has a passion for sport and the supporters of Gloucester City Football Club are no exception.\r\n\r\n”On and off the field I believe this is an exciting time for the Club and if we all pull together we can achieve our goals and put Gloucester City not only firmly on the football map but more importantly back on the map of the City.”\r\n\r\nIn regards to the a new stadium, Pike assures that the build will be his ‘ultimate aim’ heading into the future.\r\n\r\n”The new ground is on everyone’s agenda at the moment and quite rightly so, as this is our ultimate aim.”\r\n\r\n”Without a Stadium the Club will not and cannot achieve its full potential; but I know all those in the background working on this project will deliver a Stadium we can all call home and be rightly proud of.”\r\n\r\n”Being Chairman of Gloucester City brings responsibility, but I am spoilt with the knowledge that the Club has a number of experienced people to offer support, advice and guidance.\r\n\r\n”We have a fully functioning Management Board in place, comprising strategic selected personnel, which rightly includes a representative from the Gloucester City Supporters Trust.\r\n\r\n”One of the reasons why I have accepted the challenge is because everyone involved is singing from the same hymn sheet, with no hidden agendas or egos and all with one common aim  to bring success to Gloucester City.”\r\n\r\n“My elevation within the current structure allows for a suitable replacement for me plus possibly another to come and bring experience and continuity to the day to day work which goes on unseen by most.\r\n\r\n”My replacement(s) will hopefully be appointed in time for the next Management meeting on 20th January and I reiterate it is so important to keep continuity, yet freshen it up when required.”\r\n\r\n“I cannot finish without praising the work of Dave Mehew, his coaching team and the players.\r\n\r\n”I have missed one fixture so far this season and I have seen at first hand the character of them.\r\n\r\n”I relish the opportunity to work more closely with them and in fact everyone who is committed to the Tigers’ cause.\r\n\r\n”A positive attitude will breed success and I am sure not only do we have a positive attitude but we possess a mental toughness and having a winning team is a great marketing tool.\r\n\r\n”We are fast approaching the half way point of the season and there is an enormous amount of work still to be done and the restructure we now work under is still not complete.\r\n\r\n”Things do not happen overnight and Gloucester City supporters will have their part to play, for without their support home and away, it would make life harder for all of us.\r\n\r\n”Let’s make the second half of this season a memorable one.”

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