Members of the Supporters’ Trust Board met with Eamonn McGurk, Rod Jenner and Chris Gage on Wednesday afternoon, at Meadow Park, to continue the dialogue between supporters and the Football Club.

It is difficult in the short term to summarise the in-depth discussions of a three hour meeting, and even if we were able to document every aspect, ultimately it is the changes that are implemented moving forward that will restore the lost confidence of the supporters.

The Football Club has committed to improving communication which includes keeping supporters updated with all aspects of the running of the Football Club. The Supporters’ Trust Board will maintain the pressure to ensure that this promise becomes a reality. In the meantime, we wanted to provide an update for Trust members and supporters.

It was a very positive meeting and Eamonn, Rod and Chris were upbeat, whilst realistic, about what the future holds. The reality is that we face difficult times and there is no magic wand or quick fix. As supporters, we must be prepared to continue to accept that and focus on what we do best – getting behind the team and help ensuring we retain our league status.

They are undoubtedly committed to the long term success of the Football Club and talked enthusiastically about building the Gloucester City brand. A brand that the City, the club, and supporters can be proud of – a brand that will deliver sustainability and drive the club forward.

Eamonn spoke at length regarding progress on the new ground. The update he provided was positive and a return to Meadow Park before the end of the 2018/19 season is an achievable target. In addition, Eamonn highlighted the numerous problems that this project has encountered and freely admitted that mistakes have been made. That said, there was air of positivity that finally we are approaching the finishing line.

A lot is said on social media about Eamonn’s day to day interest in the club itself. Therefore it was enlightening to hear how disappointed he was about recent events overshadowing what should have been a period of celebration to recognise Tom Webb’s momentous milestone. I will shortly be meeting with Rod to address this.

We are realistic that this statement is unlikely to alter the mind-set of the doubters, but as a Supporters’ Trust Board, we have nothing to gain from painting an air of optimism if it did not exist. Having had time to reflect on what was said at the meeting, we are willing to offer our support and backing to the Football Club and ask our wonderfully loyal and passionate supporters to keep the faith.

Finally, the Supporters’ Trust Board will continue to provide regular updates to its members and, as Chairman, I am always happy to speak to supporters on an individual basis.


Taff Compton

Chairman of Supporters’ Trust

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