When he’s not scoring goals for Gloucester City in the National League North, striker Craig Reid is teaching young and upcoming strikers to be the best they can in his role as Elite Striker Coach for Four Four Two.\r\n\r\nReid is head of the Elite Striker Training programme, aimed at forward thinking players from 5-16, Elite Striker Training has been designed by the best for the best, with one very simple message in mind: “Players first, success second.”\r\n\r\nElite Striker Training aims to prioritise the long term development & improvement of strikers rather than the quick-fix temptation of winning football matches at any cost.\r\n\r\n”Some of the players we take on have been at academies and they’ve been told to work on certain things, or they’re just eager to learn” Reid said.\r\n\r\n”I’ve been in the professional game now for 16 years so I’d like to think I know a bit about being a centre forward and what you’ve got to do.\r\n\r\n”These kids are learning and the way football is now with the amount of money that’s coming into it, these kids have got to be exceptional to break into their first teams.\r\n\r\n”What we aim to do is to help give them that platform and that extra training that they may need to work on improving their weaknesses to give them the best chance at their professional clubs.\r\n\r\n”I’ve been lucky enough to deal with a lot of Premier League club’s players, a couple of Championship lads and now starting on League One. It’s great when you can see the lads progressing and earning new contracts knowing that we’ve been a part of that development.”\r\n\r\nFour Four Two magazine is a staple of British football magazines and has been for years, with the publication ever-increasing it’s portfolio and digital footprint.\r\n\r\n”I’ve recently been taken on by them [Four Four Two] as their elite striker coach and I’ll be working with the magazine and the website, doing tutorials for anybody that wants to watch and learn about how to be a centre forward.\r\n\r\n”That isn’t just the finishing aspect either, there are other things such as how to play outside the box, the runs you should be making, right down to nutrition and looking after yourself. There’s a lot of different attributes that make a great centre forward and we’ll teach you that at Elite Striker Training.”\r\n\r\nWhen he retires from playing, Reid – who lists Alan Shearer as his sporting idol – sees himself carrying on as a football coach.\r\n\r\n”I love coaching and I’m also doing my medical degree so it all ties in nicely. I’m massive on injury prevention and obviously the more the lads aren’t injured the better it is for their clubs, which leads to more exposure because they’re on the pitch playing more and we help them with that side of things as well.”\r\n\r\nFor more information on Elite Striker Training, visit their website.\r\n\r\nTo keep up to date with Reid’s activites, you can follow Elite Striker Training on the following social media sites:\r\n\r\nTwitter\r\n\r\nFacebook\r\n\r\nInstagram

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