In light of comments made at the recent Open Meeting, the Executive at its meeting last night (Tuesday 2nd April) discussed the subject of season tickets and its general pricing policy and the format for next season.\r\n\r\nPursuant to new budgeting and structure changes going forward, it has been agreed to defer any announcement of season tickets prices until around the middle of May.\r\n\r\nThis will allow the Executive and Trust to consider a new overall pricing policy of entry to matches for next season, review statistical information from the whole of the current season and importantly, unlike previous seasons, attempt to secure season ticket income for use in the coming season and not to use such income to defray any expenditure overspend from the previous season.\r\n\r\nThe club also need to take account of any possible divisional movement of clubs which may affect the financial situation of the club for 2013/14. In that specific matter the club will be better placed to judge more accurately such possible affect at the end of this playing season, rather than a speculative guess if the policy is set now. To do so now would be unwise, whereas waiting until the end of the season is a more sensible approach to formulate the best pricing policy in the interest of the club and its supporters.\r\n\r\nThe club values those within its supporter base, who look to purchase their season ticket as early as they can but we sincerely hope you understand the ethos of how we wish to proceed under more strict financial supervision.\r\n\r\nSeason ticket prices when announced, will still allow advantage to be gained by purchasing ‘Early Bird’ offers in line with previous seasons, however going forward we wish to receive and preserve such income more astutely, thereby helping the club to manage finances better.\r\n\r\nCurrent season ticket holders will be advised personally when the subject matter is finalised together with a general notice of pricing policy across the board being published via the club web-site and through local media streams and social networking systems.\r\n\r\nMay we thank you for your patience and ultimately your continued support.

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