After recent public disclosures of financial issues, eight representatives of the Gloucester City Association Football Club and their Supporters’ Trust met this lunchtime to discuss and plan a strategy to push the football club forward over the coming weeks and months.\r\n\r\nThe club rightly recognises concerns which many inside and outside the club will have raised or questioned; and therefore it is right we should move to allay any fears that the club is in a serious plight. We would like to assure fans that in football terms the club’s financial outlook is in a positive state. Any organisation that has been away from its base for six years would find themselves in a similar state to what Gloucester City Association Football Club is currently in. No issues are present in respect of the payment of players’ wages or to HMRC and as is often the case in football, it is these areas when these are not being met, which usually threaten the existence of any club. In addition to that positive information it was noted that the club is very hopeful that the rent issue with Cheltenham Town FC will be concluded within days and importantly dialogue is open and amicable between clubs.\r\n\r\nThe main purpose of the meeting was to discuss ideas to seek and encourage new income streams into the club and the Supporters’ Trust. The club would like to take this opportunity to recognise the immense work and commitment the Supporters’ Trust undertakes on match days especially and its wonderful contribution to the overall operation of the football club, through direct and indirect financial means. Members of the Supporters’ Trust present agreed that it should meet separately to consider how to engage new supporters and discuss initiatives, to create and generate more revenue.\r\n\r\nMeanwhile the football club will set three key principles it would pursue, alongside those to be identified by the Trust; and these are:\r\n\r\n¨      Business Leads\r\n\r\n¨      Public Appeal\r\n\r\n¨      Community Connection\r\n\r\nEach principle will be explained in more detail over the next few days and how those aligned to the club will be able to play their part in securing our future. The club patiently awaits news on the new stadium and the meeting accepted individuals can do little other than   concentrating and combining our efforts in tandem with those charged to bring us the “holy grail”. Until a new stadium is delivered, the club needs to restructure, so building an even stronger fan and fund base is imperative, if we are to meet the aims and objectives of bringing the club home.\r\n\r\nIt was accepted and recognised by the meeting that uncertainty does have an adverse affect on attracting serious investment into the club at this time but that is no reason why collectively the Club and the Trust cannot work in unison to maintain the level and standards achieved by the management and players since earning promotion to its present level.\r\n\r\nThe meeting was unanimous, everyone must focus on a co-ordinated approach and build a strategy that all aligned to Gloucester City Association Football Club will have the utmost confidence in. We hope that through sheer will and determination will we rise to and defeat the challenges that face us at this time.\r\n\r\n♦ Your Time          ♦ Your Effort          ♦ Your Community        ♥ Your Club 

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