Darren Mullings says that playing in front of the fans of Gloucester City has been the highlight of his career, ahead of potentially making his 150th appearance for the Tigers this afternoon.

“It’s a good milestone and to be at the club for so long and to make so many appearances so far it means a lot” said Mullings.

Originally joining Gloucester in 2010, Mullings left to join Oxford City in 2014, but he admitted this was one of the strange points in his career and was reluctant to leave.

“At the time I was reluctant to go but it was the right thing to do for my family. My second game was against Gloucester and I just didn’t want to play out of respect, but I got picked and Oxford won, it was definitely a difficult one.”

Mullings was adamant he didn’t want to leave but it was the right thing to do at the time: “I think it was quite clear I didn’t want to leave in the first place but things happen, once the opportunity to come back to the club came about, I didn’t have to think twice.”

Speaking on what he determines as the highlight of his career so far, the 30 year-old midfielder was quick to praise the fans.

“In terms of a highlight of my career, the fans are the highlight. They have been through a lot over the years, they have to travel a lot even to home games. I’ve played at a lot of clubs and the Gloucester fans stand out by a mile as the best.”

The former Bristol Rovers man believes there is something special being built at Gloucester City.

“Before it was a case of staying up, our priority was to stay in the division. Since I’ve been back it’s a completely different mentality. It’s a case of can we now push on towards the higher parts of the table, it’s a real professional attitude at the club.”

When looking back over his career he highlights the best goal he scored was Eastwood away: “It was a corner pulled back by Tom Parinello, it was something we worked on in training, he pulled it back to the edge of the box and I ran in from the half way line, I managed to strike it well, it hit the bar bounced down and came back up, fortunately it was given.”

Looking ahead in the not-too-distant future, Mullings presents an ambitious mindset.

“I’d like to achieve some success or some progression, hopefully I still have a few years ahead of me, in that time it would be nice to get the club into the play-offs.”

Mullings said when it comes round to hanging up his boots, he would like to coach or maybe even manage at the Tigers one day.

“When it comes round to calling it a day, I would love to coach and if that is at a club, which is close to my heart like Gloucester that would be great.”

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