Gloucester City Football Club can confirm that Mike Dunstan has stepped down from his role as Chairman, issuing the following statement.

It is with regret that I informed the club’s owner last week that I am resigning from the position of Chairman, coming into effect after the game against Eastbourne Borough to enable me to support Will Morford and the players after a difficult week. 

It has been an honour and a privilege to Chair this fantastic football club, but the time and effort it takes to run this club is far beyond that which is reasonable of volunteers.  I continue to believe in the future of this club, and the huge potential it has, but it will only realise that potential by bringing in the skills, structure, leadership and investment the club needs and deserves. 

We are playing at a fantastic level, but we are doing so without the infrastructure to support it – that simply cannot continue.

I have supported the club all my adult life, and worked for it on a voluntary basis for the last 27 years in just about every role – from dressing room cleaner to programme editor to Chairman, and many points in between.

This has therefore been a heart-breaking decision, but one I must make, and it is now my fervent hope that the club can move forward positively as it prepares to move back into the City.  That is something that absolutely must happen within the timescales laid out last week. 

There is a lot of emotion around at the moment, and I am feeling every ounce on it, but we should remember that for all of the problems we have we have also achieved miraculous things under impossible circumstances, and I would urge all supporters of this club to remember that there is a lot to be proud of. 

We have a first team playing at its highest level ever, despite all the odds.  We have built a community arm that is doing fabulous work across the City and which will be taken to an even higher level in months to come. 

We have a Youth set-up that provides opportunity for Gloucester children of all ages, and a Supporters Trust that is the envy of many clubs, still working miracles despite all the fans have been through.

What we don’t have is the strategic leadership, structure and investment to underpin, support and drive all of that forward.  That must now change now to allow this club to thrive.

For my part I will continue to support this club in whatever way I can, and am talking to various parties as to how to best do that.

Mike Dunstan

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