In the second part of Gloucester midfielder Matt Lock’s review of the season he takes us on a tour of the dressing room and reveals some of the secrets of the squad.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n”I know that the supporters love to hear the nitty gritty and shenanigans that go on so I will open up a little and let you know some of our trade secrets.\r\n\r\n”I have to say that as a group you wont meet a nicer bunch of chaps and everyone has there place in the group…with Coupey liking to think he’s at the top!\r\n\r\n”Coupey and I have a great relationship but we give each other hell on the pitch (only because we care)… I remember  once when he let rip at me with a disgusting tirade of obscenities, I gave a load back. Walking off the pitch Coupey looked at me and said “haven’t really got a clue what I said to you then, sorry”. You’ve got to love Coupey when he’s in the heat of the moment!! Ha.\r\n\r\n”The Gaffer has also come out with a few cracking quotes this season, it can’t be easy standing in front of 20 men having to motivate, inspire and tactically organise them so the odd slip up is not a bad thing, however when he was trying to compliment me on my tactical awareness i.e. my nous, he managed to call me a nance… Made me chuckle. The second one which made me smile was when he said a player had got ‘his tail between his teeth’, nearly right. Brilliant!\r\n\r\n”Another ‘rule’ is that each player takes there turn at the looking after the music player and therefore it’s also your turn to enlighten the lads with the best your iPod has to offer… Have to say the Morf’s new age R&B/Hip Hop was mainly played as it covered all areas, upbeat etc and gave a couple of the boys a chance to throw some disgusting shapes in the changing rooms. A lowlight of this was the Gaffer had a week where he tried to ‘educate’ some of the lads with his eclectic mix, all I can say is that it was booed off after three songs, fair play to him though, he tried!\r\n\r\n”Training has been upbeat, productive and enjoyable all season and credit to Adie, Muz and Gaffer for ensuring this has happened. Its never easy at a non league club as all the lads have jobs, well apart from some of the students who have an hours lecture, so adapting to poor numbers etc is something that the management team have done brilliantly.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n”The highlight of training is the small sided games, old v young, which are always enjoyable… The young uns started the season strong and their young legs took them to many victories, however experienced came though and it didn’t take the oldies long to work them out and teach them many valuable lessons! Vern got taught that he needs to sign up to a gym after Morf smashed him, think this resulted in Vern chewing on 3G rubber crumb for a couple days.\r\n\r\n”However a very strange choice was when we were asked to do a lap of Hartpury campus for a warm up, many of the boys didn’t have trainers so ended up running the lap in moulded boots… I just remember seeing Darren Edwards skirling around everywhere… I think we must have lost on the Saturday.\r\n\r\n”Comparing the Conferenece South v Conference North, I have to say it’s tricky to pick which one is tougher. Obviously I played the South in a team with a much larger budget that’s was pushing for promotion each year so comparisons are minimal… One point I would like to say is that there seems to be younger players in the North with a lot of ability, who are willing to pass the ball relentlessly, but perhaps I’m just getting old, I certainly feel it sat in my slippers with  a whiskey writing this, love the off season!\r\n\r\n”So overall it’s been a progressive, enjoyable but tough season in a very tough league. I know all the lads will be desperate to get back next season and push that bit further up the league. Thanks for all the support and for those that travel the all over the country, a special mention.\r\n\r\n”Look forward to next season, COYY.\r\n\r\n”Locky”

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