Midfield maestro Matt Lock has reviewed his first season with the Tigers and is giving us a unique insight into what really goes on in the Gloucester dressing room.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIt’s been a long season for the first team, thousands of miles travelled, highs, lows, a broken arm, a dislocated shoulder and even a handful of Tom Webb goals.\r\n\r\nIn the first installment he reflects on the squad’s performance this year and the lessons they have learned.\r\n\r\n”In reflection I think the season can be summarised as ‘hot and cold’, in every sense of the meaning. I seem to remember playing in Autumn with the sun shining down and then travelling to Guiseley in April in the worst weather I have ever played football in…I have never been so cold and all the players kept Rands busy at half time by demanding new, clean and crisp socks!\r\n”With regard to the football I think it followed the unpredictable English weather, winning against teams we supposedly had no right to beat and then losing to teams that we are more than capable of beating. However, the fact that we thought we should be beating teams is probably the reason we became ‘unstuck’ and didn’t quite perform to our potential. It is clear to everyone involved in football that your application has to be spot on and you can take nothing for granted, we perhaps didn’t follow these philosophies, hence finishing mid table.\r\n\r\n”I’m not speaking out of turn here and everything I’m putting down on paper has been discussed, at length, at our final season meeting. A lot was said and we are striving to progress next year, with a far more consistent approach to everything related to ‘our’  game. We’ve recognised the areas that need to be developed and the Gaffer has clearly stated aspects of the game we have to improve… On this point, it was most certainly not a one-way conversation and every player had their opportunity to voice opinions and offer information for the good of the team, however Webby was very quiet! But we all must appreciate that he’s no longer getting his solid eight hours sleep every night… Congratulations Webby and welcome Amelia, hope you get your mother’s first touch!\r\n\r\n”From a personal point of view I think I can be happy with my form since Christmas. I was never expecting to hit the ground running after six months out injured and in hindsight I would have rather had another couple of weeks tuning my fitness, but when you’re in that position you just want to get back playing ASAP.\r\n\r\n”A couple highlights for me were my goal against Truro in the FA Cup, I don’t believe I’ll hit a sweeter free kick and the last 20 minutes against Worcester on New Year’s Day. I love to pass the ball and think we showed as a group how comfortable we can be on the ball and that we can play free flowing football in the big games…I believe the fans enjoyed that too!”\r\n\r\nComing soon, Part 2: Inside the dressing room

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