GLOUCESTER CITY AFC (1980) Ltd is able to confirm, in light of recent renewed speculation, it is still progressing the potential for a new stadium on both the Meadow Park and Civil Service locations.\r\n\r\nThe Ltd Company wishes to reiterate the statement it made earlier in the year. It was fairly obvious from the planning application re Meadow Park which went before Gloucester City Council on 5th September 2012, despite on-going discussions over a number of areas which raised concern and more importantly to find a solution to speed up the club returning home, we were best advised to scale back the original plan. Whilst this seems on the face of it to be the easiest solution re the old stadium site, it still involves other planning issues and detailed regulations, which cannot be ignored for a number of legal reasons and it has taken time to resolve these. The clarity so required in moving this forward is now available to determine the best route with regards to this site.\r\n\r\nBy having the original application determined, the Ltd Company is able to submit a scaled down plan without the onerous costs of another full application, which in the current climate would have been another financial blow, which could not be justified considering the Club has worked hard to become debt free and stabilise the playing side under a new Management Board as part of the recently announced comprehensive restructure.\r\n\r\nOnce the original application is determined, the Ltd Company can then set about finalising the scaled down plan and submitting this as soon as practicable.\r\n\r\nMeanwhile we shall continue to be interested in the Civil Service location but stress that the site is not owned by us and therefore it is Redrow and the council who must determine the next moves applicable thereat. We understand a pre planning application has been submitted and Redrow await a response from the Council. Therefore it is inappropriate for us to comment further at this stage.\r\n\r\nAlongside the above two mentioned sites we also continue to explore the Blackbridge location as a long term training facility for the football club, not only for the 1st team but all other allied sections which carry the club name.

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