was able to catch up with Tom Webb on the eve of his landmark achievement of reaching 700 appearances for the Club.

Hi Tom, and thanks for talking to us, So 700 games, what an achievement?! Did you think when you started you’d be celebrating this landmark?

“Haha, I’m asked this every year! It was the same when I hit 500, 650, 670. It’s not something you aim for but when we started this season I realised, ‘This is something I can achieve’, so that’s what I’ve set out to do and to do it tomorrow will be great. It will be even better if I can cap it with a goal or even better with us winning.”

Obviously, with Tim’s resignation there were rumours that you were also going to call it a day however you are still with us. What was it that made you stay with the Club?

“Well, I had to take some time and thought long and hard about ‘Why are we doing this?’ Tim was such an influence and a driving force behind us getting us home that when he left it made me think. But, I’m not ready to retire and to stop half way through the season isn’t the way to finish. My aim is to play a final season at Meadow Park but to do that this season we need to survive and stay in this league which we can do with this team.”

How are you feeling physically and mentally ahead of tomorrow’s game?

“Physically, I’m fine and funny enough I was talking with some students of mine the other day about Sports Psychology. It doesn’t really effect me any more. It played on my mind when I was younger but through the years as I’ve got older, it’s just become another game and about giving a good performance. It is what it is and I just want to have a good game and enjoy the day.”

John Terry played over 700 games for Chelsea, Liverpool has Steven Gerrard, Manchester United had Ryan Giggs and now Gloucester City’s One Club Man has hit the 700 mark. Who has been your biggest inspirations thought out your career? Players? Managers?

 “To be honest, it’s not been one person or player. I’m a local lad and I’ve always wanted to play for Gloucester City. There have been managers who have come and gone in that time who’ve influenced me but I’ve always been the same player. This Club plays at a decent level and I just wanted to be part of that and hopefully I’ll still be playing when we get home!” wants to thank Tom for taking the time to talk to us and wish him and the team all the best for tomorrow’s game.

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