Striker Will Morford enjoyed his best season in yellow and black in 2011/12, scoring 15 goals, topping the assists chart and picking up Supporter’s Player of the Season award too.\r\n\r\nIn the first of a series of in depth chats, we talk to Will about coaching, his future at the club and how he’s just like the Gaffer.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n So Will, you sorted out your new deal before the end of the season, what made you stay? \r\n\r\nWill: Yeah, the deal was sorted a while back and to be fair I wasnt honestly expecting to be offered a new deal – I was happy playing at the time and sorting a new deal was the last thing on my mind!!\r\n\r\nWas I ever tempted to leave – no – like any player I have ambition of playing the highest possible standard I can and if my standard is in Conference North then I am happy doing it with Gloucester. Hopefully though I will play higher and it will be with Gloucester :-)\r\n\r\nTo be honest I don’t hear of other managers expressing an interest but the Gaffer has told me a couple who like me and it is very flattering – it’s good for me as it shows me I am doing something right!\r\n\r\n You’ve just passed the 200 appearance mark for Gloucester, with Matt Rose retiring you now have the third most appearances of the current squad, how does that feel? And is it odd to think you’ve still not played a home game back in the City\r\n\r\nWill: 200 odd games has flown by and I still remember the nerves of sitting on the bench at Bedford at my first game (came on after 20 minutes for Pricey) and I still get those nerves now before games. It is always nice to reach milestones and to think I am 3rd behind Muzzy and Webby (2 born and bred Gloucester lads) is strange but an honour. I know we played the County Cup game back in Gloucester but I still don’t class that as a home game – hopefully I will still be around to make my official home appearence/debut for Gloucester at the new stadium. What has kept me here so long? Well the gaffers (Tim and Boris) have always believed in me and retained me at the club and for that I’m grateful.\r\n\r\nThe club itself is a great club to play for – its really well run from the top down and as a player you know you will be looked after. It has a fantastic loyal supporter base which really help keep the club running and I can imagine the supporter base will be even better when we eventually return back to Gloucester. And finally the dressing room has always been a happy place with boys who want to play not only for the Club but also for each other which has definately had a big impact as to why I have been here for so long!!\r\n\r\n Before City you were at Slimbridge, in the Hellenic, where the Development Squad are now – what is step up between the leagues like?\r\n\r\nWill: I played for Slimbridge in Hellenic Prem and we won promotion to the Southern 1 before it all went caput. At the time, the standard to me was good as in Suffolk where I was playing in a league that was the equivalent to 3 or 4 leagues below that.\r\n\r\nThe step-up was big to Southern Premier and I think I made the transition between Hellenic and Southern Prem pretty quickly. The biggest step was between Southern Prem and Conference North and it is a difficult step to make as there are some very good teams and players in this league. The first season was a big learning curve and the second season I was playing out of position a lot and did not really have a consistent run in the team which definately impacted my performance. But hopefully I have made that transition now and I still have one more year til im in my ‘prime’ so fingers crossed you will all get to see the best of me!\r\n\r\n You live with another striker and your manager is a former striker – how much influence do they both have on your game?\r\n\r\nWill: Symo (former City striker Mike Symons) doesn’t really have a massive influence on my game – we are two seperate players and both hold the ball up in different ways – he uses brute strength and as I dont have that brute strength I try and use intelligence and space (not that I’m saying Symo isn’t an intelligent player!)\r\n\r\nBy all accounts I am quite a similiar player to the Gaffer and so obviously he has influenced my game – especially this year as I feel he has given me the confidence to go and try things that perhaps I would have been to scared to do over the last couple of years. He wants me to score more ‘scrappy’ goals and I think he has put his goal compilation on on the bus before an away game once but luckily I sleep on the way to games so I haven’t seen it!\r\n\r\n Do you and Symo share intelligence on defenders or keepers, seeing as you both play in the same league? \r\n\r\nWill: We obviously always give each other tips and information about opposing defenders but I think we both try and wind each other up and big up the centre halves by saying how quick they are, or how strong they are, or how tall they are to get in each other’s head!\r\n\r\nTo be honest I try not to worry about who I am playing against – I know that if I am on my game then defenders will fear me more than I will them!\r\n\r\nOff the field you’ve had success with the Ciren Academy boys, how has coaching/ working with Steve Lowndes helped you improve on the field?\r\n\r\nWill: I coach the Cirencester Football Academy and we won the English Schools Cup this year which was an excellent achievment and is the first medal I have won as a coach which is always pleasing. I have been coaching them for three years now and the learning curve has been steep. But my boss and Academy director Steve Lowndes, has been a massive mentor and role model to me and for that I am so grateful to him. He has supported me in everything I have done and I have learnt so much from him as both a coach and a player.\r\n\r\nThe coaching side I believe has definately turned me into a better player as I have had to learn and understand all positions. Also, standing on the sidelines with Steve (an ex Welsh international) has allowed me to learn further about the game from him and see aspects of the game that you miss when your playing and I have hopefully transferred this into my own game. Also, it allows me to sometimes see what the Gaffer sees when I am playing and I can sometimes identify with the things he is saying more now.\r\n\r\n The good spirit in the Gloucester dressing room is always mentioned by the players, but who do you get on best with and why? \r\n\r\nWill: As I have alluded to before the dressing room is a very tight knit place and we are all really close mates. I can imagine it is a very hard dressing room to come into but once in it is hard to leave and that can only be good for the club and attracting players.\r\n\r\nIt is hard to pick who I get on best with – I get on really well with everyone as they are all sound lads, there really aren’t any cliques in the dressing room. Me and Darren Mullings are real good mates hence why Vern (Jack Harris) and I went on his stag do, we share the same taste in music and dance moves (!).\r\n\r\nThen there is obviously Davo (Steve Davies) and Vern who I am close too and who I often see outside of football as we are similar ages. But I also see Locky and Webby (until recently!!) quite a bit outside of football and Hambo is one of the funniest guys I have met.\r\n\r\nBut honestly – all the lads are sound and for me it really is difficult to pick one as I get on with them all.\r\n\r\n And finally, Darren Edwards has also agreed a new deal to keep him at City, what does that mean to you? \r\n\r\nWill: I’m really pleased he has signed for another year and looking forward to playing up front with him again!\r\n\r\nI hope we can break the 30 goal mark between us again. He is an important member of the squad – he brings experience to the squad and attacking line but obviously he is a fox in the box and he is always capable of scoring goals even when he isnt at his best. He makes clever runs too which help the likes of myself, Manny and Locky to get on the ball more and find pockets of space to build attacks.\r\n\r\n\r\n

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