Next in our series of in depth interviews is Steve Davies, who explains why Gloucester is the only place he wants to play and his hopes for a better second season with the Tigers compared to his first.\n\n\n\nYou’ve chosen to stay – were you ever planning on going anywhere else or is Glos the team for you now?\n\nSteve: “There was no thoughts to go anywhere else but stay at Gloucester. It was great to hear from the Gaffer he wanted me to stay, and I’ve said all along as long as I am wanted at Gloucester, this is the club for me.”\n\n Last season started really well, great goal against Vauxhall then ended pretty awfully at Halifax – how would you sum up your season? What were the highs and lows? \n\nSteve: “It was a frustrating season for me. With a good pre-season behind me I felt great going to the 1st game of the season against Vauxhall, until the injury late on. From there i would sum up the season as a constant catch up. As I regained fitness and got close to the starting line up I was hit with an injury setback, and the injury at Halifax was a horrible end to the season. But in all honesty if you are to have a bad injury like that it is not a bad time to have it as it has allowed me to fully recover for pre-season.\nYou seemed really touched at the response from fans after you broke your arm – were they part of the reason you stayed?\n\nSteve: “The fans at Gloucester are incredible, and of the few clubs I have been at no others compare. For the fans to do the collection I can’t explain my appreciation, they represent everything Gloucester is about, and I just hope I can repay their support next season.”\n\n Having an experienced ex league player like Boris as manager is something you didn’t have at other clubs – how has having the Gaffer, Adie and Muzzie to learn from helped?\n\nSteve: “The Gaffer along with Ade and Muz are brilliant, the passion and understanding they have for the game is second to none, and the fact the Gaffer played in both positions I can play in is only helping me as a player.”\n\nYou’ve seen the league now and played (part of) a season in the Blue Square North, how would you rate the standard and who do we need to look out for next season?\n\nSteve: “One thing I’ve noticed is the competitiveness of the league. You cannot have an off day in this league and if you do you get punished. Every game seems like a cup final, but I don’t think it’s a matter of looking out for other teams, but more of a focus on trying to gain consistency in ourselves. We have proved we can compete against the top teams, its when you go to the likes of Solihull or Eastwood on a Tuesday night, that’s where we need to be professional and do a job. The Gaffer highlighted post-season that we need to become more consistent, we have proved we can be up there with the top teams but we need to be on our game week in week out, and if you look at pros this is one of the biggest factors that separates us from them.\n\n Who do you get on best with in the dressing room? And is the Gloucester team spirit really the best you’ve ever known – every player says it is – is it really that good? \n\nSteve: “The Gloucester changing room is the best dressing room that I have been in. The team spirit that we have is incredible and we all get on like a house on fire. Me and Vern go back a long way from our Hartpury days (when he turned up) along with Morfs, but both in the dressing room and off the field me and Vern get on great. We have some great characters in the team and I cannot wait for pre-season to begin.”

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