Tigers new boy Lewis Hogg is looking forward to meeting up with some familIar faces when pre-season starts next month.\r\n\r\nThe tough-tackling midfielder is the latest City star to face our in depth questions.\r\n\r\n First of all what brought you to Gloucester? Did anyone help persuade you to join us. \r\n\r\nLewis: “I’ve known the Gaffer for years really and I played with Darren (Edwards) and Coupey at Bath. It’s been something which has been on the fringes of happening for a while. Every time I had problems at Bath I spoke to Boris and Darren and it nearly happened a few times but I feel like now is the right time for a change.”\r\n\r\n You’ve played in the Conference South and the Conference Premier for Bath but this will be your first season in the Conference North, what do you know about the league. \r\n\r\nLewis: “I don’t know much to be honest, I’ve played against a few northern sides in the prem and they were always a bit more physical, but I will just have to learn about the league as I go.”\r\n\r\n But you don’t really mind the physical aspect do you? \r\n\r\nLewis: “No, it’s not really a big challenge for me, I enjoy that bit of it.”\r\n\r\n You’ve been described as ‘physical’ and ‘combative’ but how would you describe yourself as a player? Is there any particular you take after? \r\n\r\nLewis: “I don’t really have a style, I’m a bit of everything, I like to charge around and get involved and sometimes get forward, it’s a bit of everything mixed together. There isn’t a particular player, I am just a mixture!”\r\n\r\n The Gaffer mentioned that your former teammates Coupey and Darren were instrumental in bringing you to Gloucester, Darren also said Coupey played a big part in getting him to come here, is it really that hard to say no to him? \r\n\r\nLewis: “Coupey is quite persuasive! He’s an honest and nice guy, he tells you the good and the bad side of things. Lots of people who want to get you to join their club will only tell you the good things but Coupey tells you everything so you know where you stand.\r\n\r\n”It is good having people you know at a club, I know Darren Mullings from playing against him and Mike Green (right back) from when he was at Bath so it’s nice to know a few of the lads already.”\r\n\r\n What are your hopes for next season? \r\n\r\nLewis: “I’m hoping we will be pushing for the play offs, that’s what the Gaffer was hoping last season but injuries and suspensions got in the way.\r\n\r\n”I’ve got memories of playing against some of the lads from pre-season friendlies and when we were in the Southern League together, I know how Boris likes to play and obviously I know how Darren and Coupey like to play too.\r\n\r\n And finally, who do you support? \r\n\r\nLewis: “Arsenal, I used to support Bristol Rovers right up until I played for them but I kind of got stitched up there and I don’t really support them now, but my earliest football memory is watching Arsenal v Liverpool in around 1989, Arsenal came back from a goal down and I can remember wanting them to do well when they were behind and they did so I stuck with them.”

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