Super striker Darren Edwards is up third in our series of in depth chats with the Tigers squad.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIn our latest interview City’s number nine talks about discipline, learning from his team mates and why he doesn’t celebrate when he scores.\r\n\r\n The Gaffer said its important to keep hold of 20-goal-a-season strikers, but why did you want to stay at Gloucester? \r\n\r\nDarren: I’ve enjoyed being at Gloucester so far. I had been part of a successful side at Bath and I could’ve stay there for longer but the move to Gloucester has been great. And having Coupey here first helped, it always helps when you know someone at a club and when someone you’ve known for a long time gives you postive feedback it makes you think, maybe it’ll be ok there and it has been.\r\n\r\nI could’ve stayed and sat on the bench at Bath but I wanted to play and look forward and now I’m at Gloucester and we have a chance to try and push on and maybe get to the play offs next season, we’ve shown we are as good as anyone on our day.\r\n\r\nMy highlight so far, its probably been the whole experience, I wouldn’t say its been one thing that’s stood out, the whole Gloucester City experience has been overwhelmingly positive.\r\n\r\n Will Morford has said you’ve been a big part of helping him improve his game, what has it been like having him as a strike partner? \r\n\r\nDarren: I don’t think Morf realises how good a player he could be and the potential he has. It’s just about getting it out of him and making him realise that. Since I’ve been at the club I’ve seen him get stronger, play with more confidence and more positivity during games. As an older player I try to help the younger lads and if Morf can carry on playing this well he has great potential.\r\n\r\nI know the Gaffer has said he wants him to score more scrappy goals, they are all about position and it comes with time. Its always been something I’ve been able to do, I get in the right positions. It’s something we can work on together at training but Morf gets his fair share of goals, and if he’s doing the hard work out on the wing he can’t be in the box at the same time.\r\n\r\n As a Bristol Rovers fan you’ve mentioned you watched the Gaffer play when you were younger, what’s he like as a manager? \r\n\r\nDarren: Yeah I saw him play down Twerton when I was a boy but its not weird having him as a manager. He has lots of good ideas about football and how we should be playing and on the right ethics of the team and how we should be working together. Then on the technical side he has lots of ideas about that.\r\n\r\nAs a bloke he’s very easy to get along with, he’s very straight with you, very honest, I couldn’t ask for more than that from him, its up to us to deliver what he wants and that’s what I want to do.\r\n\r\nAdie is another great bloke, you couldn’t meet a nice man than him. And Muzzie is a fantastic coach, he does some of the best sessions I’ve ever come across, we’ve got great facilities at Hartpury and Muzzie’s experience and coaching really helps us get the best out of it.\r\n\r\n Do you think its fair that Gloucester have got a reputation at a physical, tough team. \r\n\r\nDarren: If people think we are nasty to play against its a positive, that they don’t want to play against us. It’s people having the wrong idea about what they are doing – I look at every game and think what do I have to do to win and that’s it.\r\n\r\nWe’ve had a few red cards, I’ve had two last season, it is probably something we need to cut down on although I don’t think some of them were deserved.\r\n\r\n Who has been the biggest influence on your game? \r\n\r\nDarren: As a youngster I never really had any training or anything. I started playing football in the park and worked my way up so my influences have always been the better lads in the team. I’ve always been fascinated to watch other players and pick things up and try them myself.\r\n\r\nI’ve watched players at each club I’ve been at, Adam Simms when I was at Mangotsfield, he’d come from a pro contract at Southampton and in training he’d getting me trying new stuff. At Bath I was lucky to learn from players like Alex Russell and Scott Murray, Jason Drysdale I learned from him too.\r\n\r\nI do watch a lot of football too, its the bain of my Mrs’ life how much I watch. I tend to watch the game as a whole, rather than who is playing. If you watch a lot of the football at the top level you can see that you can’t try what they do, they are so much fitter, stronger and better technically.\r\n\r\nYou see lads thinking they are Cristiano Ronaldo and trying to shoot from 30 yards out but you won’t catch me doing the same, I know my limits.\r\n\r\n Tell us what it is really like in the City changing room \r\n\r\nDarren: Everyone turns up to enjoy their football at Gloucester, I’ve been in teams where there are players who have their own agenda but at Gloucester everyone wants to improve and have a laugh.\r\n\r\nSometimes I laugh all the way to a game and laugh all the way back and if we win in between I think, blimey, I get paid for this! I travel to the coach with Coupey and Hammo so I spend a fair bit of time with them and we get on well but it would be the same if I travelled with any of the other lads.\r\n\r\n You scored 20 goals last season, what’s your aim for the coming year? \r\n\r\nDarren: I got 16 in my first half season, 20 last time out, I always think 20 goals is a good target, you won’t get many managers disappointed with that. If a few people get a few more we will improve.\r\n\r\nBut I want to be coming towards the end of the season thinking ‘I’ve got 20 goals’ I’d rather be looking at the play offs or looking back on a good FA Cup run. The excitement for me is the achievement not just the goals.\r\n\r\nI don’t tend to celebrate my goals, it’s the pressure, people expect a striker to score, more often than not its relief rather than excitement. But I do always make sure I show my appreciation to whoever’s set the goal up, I’ve played with lads who run off to the corner when they score from one of my crosses so I make sure I always say thank you!

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