Gloucester City AFC are delighted that the final planning hurdle has now been completed and would at this point like to pause to thank everyone who has helped with what has turned out to be an epic journey.\r\n\r\nMajor shareholder Eamonn McGurk laid out the next steps as follows: “The council will now issue its final determination in the next few days and the club will then move forward towards its return home.\r\n\r\n”We will now move to enact the temporary restrictions on parking on Sudmeadow Road, which is a pre-commencement condition levied in the planning permission.\r\n\r\n”Most of the work and the necessary payments for this have already been completed so its now a matter of enacting the temporary restrictions, which will take a few weeks to work through the legal process.\r\n\r\n”Once that is in place we will be legally able to start the demolition of the previous ground.\r\n\r\n”In addition, we will also need to secure the relevant environmental permit to start to import the materials necessary build up the ground levels.\r\n\r\n”Whilst I am sure all of us would love to see heavy plant on site tomorrow these are legal requirements that have to be fulfilled.”\r\n\r\nMr McGurk went on to say “a lot of work has been put in with various funding bodies, both nationally and locally, but in every case substantive applications are dependent on being able to show the full planning that we have now achieved – those applications will now be progressed to hopefully a very swift conclusion.\r\n\r\n”We are moving forwards and look forward to the day we are back in the City we are proud to represent”\r\n\r\nWhilst the ground can now progress to the next stage, club Chairman Mike Dunstan has stressed the need for everyone in the City to get right behind the team at this exciting time.\r\n\r\n“We need people to recognise what a special football club they have here” Dunstan said. “In many ways it is a sporting miracle what has been achieved during this clubs exile, and this season sees us playing exciting football and competing at the top of a division with some former and future massive clubs in the game.\r\n\r\n”We are also doing fantastic work in the community and providing sporting opportunities for hundreds of kids.\r\n\r\n”We are hugely proud of our city, and proud of what we have achieved, but we need to build strong partnerships with those who have perhaps delayed engaging with us whilst in exile – with your help we can build a ground and football club that the whole City can be proud of.”

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