Gloucester City AFC have moved to address the lack of communication to fans regarding ground build progress at Meadow Park.

The first issue to be addressed is the ground and the growing uncertainty around what is happening at Meadow Park.

We have now substantially raised the ground as far as we can and are waiting on a removal date, which should be with us soon, for the Orange telecommunications mast which is currently blocking any more progress.

This is a very complicated procedure which requires the network’s technicians to facilitate it. Once this is done we can finish the ground raising and then start to level and settle the pitch area itself.

Eamonn McGurk and the rest of the Club are fully committed to building this ground and getting us home.

We are putting together a management structure and a cohesive commercial viability plan, which will not only take us home but put us on a platform to build and grow into a club the city will be proud of.

After a mixed start to the season, results have not gone our way since despite the tireless efforts by the first team and coaching staff which leaves us in a difficult moment both on and off the field.

The support this club has and continues to have throughout the period of uncertainty and homelessness that we have sustained is nothing short of astounding and a testament to our fans.

What everyone here at Gloucester City Football Club ask, is that you continue to have faith in us and continue to support us for the rest of this season at Evesham.

It is because we value what our supporters and what the Club volunteers have had to endure, that the Club has not put out any statements regarding the progress surrounding the ground thus far.

We’re fully aware that we’ve had 10 years of false dawns and the last thing we wanted to do is create another one.

However, comments have been taken on board and every effort will be made to ensure our supporters are better informed in the future.

As stated, we were hoping to wait until we’d received a date for the removal of the telecommunications mast to release a positive message of progress however Eamonn and the Club recognises our fans frustrations and need for information so we’ve decided to act.

Eamonn McGurk wanted to also address the supporters personally.

“To re-iterate the points made by the Club, this past 10 years has been painful and stressful for all of us involved and after promises made to myself and the club which have not been honoured, we’re now at a palpable turning point in the club’s history.

“There has been a lot of work done at the club both at Meadow Park in terms of ground raising and within the club’s internal organisational structure.

“We are putting together an organisation which will help to galvanise the club, give direction and a support structure to the unbelievable and committed army of volunteers who run this club and an organisation to help bring the club back to where it belongs, in the heart of Gloucester.

“Work is ongoing on a new, more user-friendly website, through which we shall be able to better update supporters on ground progress, we’ve formally appointed two new Management Board members; one representing the Ladies team and one to help us with Club Marketing and to help address our Communications issues.

“There has also been lot of work put into setting up a Gloucester City Foundation to help fund our community project and the soccer schools coaching sessions which we run in schools around the city.

“My commitment to Gloucester City is absolute and we will get this ground built. To that end, we are now mobilising on site at Meadow Park, we are planning in the new year to have a day down at the ground for the Supporters Trust to come and see the progress made and have all their questions answered.

“We are also organising some commercial days to engage with the local businesses to explain the vision that we have for this club and drive potential club sponsorship.

“I know that the one burning question is, “When will we be home?” I have so far restrained myself from committing to an answer to that due to the times that I’ve personally suffered broken promises and false dawns but it is my belief that we’ll be back at Meadow Park, with the first phase of our development plans to meet the league requirements, by the end of the 2018/2019 season.

“On a personal note, these past 10 years have been very difficult for all involved and I’d like to thank all of the fans and club volunteers for their effort and support as they really are the heartbeat of this Club.

“What myself and the rest of the Club ask, is that the fans continue to get behind the team at Evesham for the remainder of our journey home back to Meadow Park.”

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