In light of the good news that Gloucester City Football Club are now debt free, the club held an internal meeting on Sunday evening to which key people were invited including First Team manager David Mehew.\r\n\r\nTopics discussed over two hours included Tigers’ positive financial position, new sponsorship agreements and the playing side.\r\n\r\nThe main crux of the meeting though was to receive, approve and implement a new structure, which club consultant Colin Peake first announced at the Open meeting in March, was needed for the club to positively move forward.\r\n\r\nIn place of the previous Executive Committee, the football side of the club will now be under the direct control of a Management Board.\r\n\r\nThis will comprise of five appointees, supplemented with advice and guidance from Colin Peake and other identified specialists in key business areas, as and when necessary.\r\n\r\nChairman: Nigel Hughes\r\nVice Chairman: Mike Dunstan OBE\r\nTreasurer: Trevor King\r\nClub Sponsor: Stuart Pike\r\nSupporters Trust:  Nomination to be confirmed after Trust AGM\r\n\r\nMiriam Mitchell has been appointed as Secretary to the Board.\r\n\r\nOutside the Management Board, four sub committees have been set up, again in line with a criteria set out at the Open meeting in March.\r\n\r\nThe areas these committees will be responsible for cover those to do with administration, commercial, communications and finance.\r\n\r\nClear lines of management have been defined with the new structure, which allows the Ltd Company to concentrate and focus on bringing the club home with a new stadium.\r\n\r\nGloucester City chairman Nigel Hughes was very positive after the meeting had been adjourned.\r\n\r\n“Colin Peake has spent months in re-energising not only me but a large number of us in the club, he has been able to spend his valuable time on laying out to all of us how we need to stand on our own two feet,” Hughes said.\r\n\r\n”That impetus we have seen; and which has gained momentum in the past weeks, has risen from almost a position of despair.”\r\n\r\n”It has been remarkable and this resurgence will, I am sure, galvanise the players and management on their task ahead this season.”\r\n\r\nHe added, “We have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and now have a new horizon to march towards.”\r\n\r\nThe meeting has appointed and confirmed people with the right skills set to roles, which they are most suited for and on which they can concentrate, using those qualified skills.\r\n\r\n”Importantly I would say to our fans, you may not see any dramatic changes to how things operate on match days, so do not be alarmed.\r\n\r\n”The club is charged with putting out the best team it can afford, playing to its best ability but mindful we must live within our financial means.\r\n\r\n”With more sponsors coming on board and joining us in the challenges ahead, it would now be great to see some new supporters faces and even lapsed fans return to the fold; making supporting the club on and off the field an enjoyable past time.”

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