Notes from Open Meeting \r\n\r\nHallmark Hotel, Matson, Gloucester  – Monday 30th September 2013 at 7.30p.m.\r\n\r\nPresent on the top table : Nigel Hughes, Mike Dunstan, Trevor King, Lee Mills, David Mehew, Colin Peake, Paul Duncliffe, Brian McGurk with Cllr Colin Organ (Gloucester City Council).\r\n\r\nNotes taken by Mim Mitchell, Secretary to the Management Board.\r\n\r\n1. Nigel Hughes opened the meeting, welcoming everyone to receive an update following the last meeting on 25th March this year. He then requested Colin Peake to chair the meeting in his role of Consultant to the club and to introduce the agenda items and other speakers.\r\n\r\n2. Colin Peake aided by a power point presentation outlined the restructure of the club against the those issues he had raised at the March meeting. After clearing the club debt by the end of June, the main thrust was to identify and select individuals through their skill sets to maximise their personal potential for the benefit of the club. The whole management structure has been redefined and the club operates as part of the Limited Company (with 3 directors) with a newly formed Management Board which meets regularly and is the decision making body, with five voting members. The full restructure was shown in a number of slides and importantly encompasses the 1st team manager and a forensic accountant. Due to pressures of work by the members, in his role of consultant , Colin takes a daily hand’s on role to link with all involved, primarily overseeing the tasks of others around four key areas of administration, commercial, communications and finance. He also introduced Stuart Pike as Club Sponsor (Burger Star) and Nick Priest (Forensic Accountant). He also thanked Keyway and Barnwood for their support amongst a number of highlighted sponsors.\r\nHe went on to give special mention to the Supporters Trust, stating that in his review he recognised how they had been carrying a great burden for the club, especially financial wise. His recommendation under the restructure was agreed and that burden had now been removed and it was hopeful that with the Trust being unfettered they would be able to concentrate better on the areas of their accepted responsibility.\r\n\r\n3. Trevor King gave a financial overview stating with the club debt free and new sponsors aligned to the club in a variety of ways, he was pleased to report that rent, wages, VAT, PAYE and creditors are all up to date. He pointed out that there is still a great need for more match day paying supporters through the gate as the takings after deductions produce very little profit. At the moment this is a concern and therefore the financial contribution by all current sponsors is vital. One major change from previous years in the budget was that no income had been set for the FA Cup or FA Trophy. Any success would be a bonus. The budget restructure for sales and income are now set into specific codes so targeting and foreseeing possible pinch points during the season are more easily identified. A number of other accounts are ring-fenced to ensure unlikely problems which had previously been an issue.\r\n\r\n4. Lee Mills thanked Trevor, Colin and Nigel for their hard work and is “pleased that the club is in the black”. The Supporters Club donate monthly to the club and have a target of £25k for the year. In addition the playing side is supported by the Fans Fund. Lee expressed the wishes and concerns of the supporters and gave a heartfelt plea to get back to Gloucester as soon as possible with a simple stadium plan.\r\n\r\n5. David Mehew gave an interesting talk on the present playing squad and re-iterated that he has used the system of one player in and one player out where necessary due to the financial restraints put on him by the Club. He however said that although he was sometimes envious of other club managers buying power, he was still enjoying the challenge.\r\n\r\n6. Paul Duncliffe aided by Brian McGurk gave a stadium update in relation to Meadow Park. The County Highways now accept that Sudmeadow Road can be continued to be used for access and no longer will the club be asked to try and reach access agreement re Spinnaker Park. The Environment Agency was now the final challenge and would in a matter of days be asked to approve the flood modelling being submitted on the scaled down plan for Meadow Park. Every effort has been made to appease their objections with just 2 minor issues to resolve. Until an unequivocal letter from the Environment Agency is received plans of the ground cannot be submitted to the Gloucester City Council.\r\nThe Civil Service land in Escourt Road remains an option but the land belongs to Redrow Builders and there has been very little dialogue with them or Glos City Council concerning a football ground. It is a business project for Redrow and the timescale and planning is driven by their needs. It also would cause a number of possible management issues, dependent on the layout for the whole site.\r\nThe main discussion from the floor of the meeting, centred around grading for football stadiums and this was covered by the meeting being informed that the outline would, where possible, be to submit an “A” Grade design but it was subject to a whole raft of issues which involved other agencies and of course the funding available once outline approval was granted.\r\nBlackbridge playing fields were still being pursued as an ideal site for the ladies and youth sections and after much delay in relation to this site of around 14 acres, (which the club had previously been offered a lease on with a peppercorn rent), the club had been invited by the Leader of the County Council to a meeting at the Shire Hall on 14th October. It would therefore be wrong to make any statement about why the meeting had now been called after so long a time, especially when the club was originally on the verge of signing up to an agreement to use the fields for the benefit of the club and the community.\r\n\r\n7. Mike Dunstan explained details of a 5/£55 ticket offer with a £5 Burger Star voucher and asked anyone interested to apply to him for an application form. It was an offer for anyone to use.\r\n\r\n8. Nigel Hughes thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.50pm.

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