Following the statement issued on the 7th of September the Club can advise that representatives of GCAFC met on the 12th September 2012 with Paul James (Leader of Gloucester City Council), Julian Wain (Gloucester City Council’s Chief Executive), Phil Staddon (Director of Regeneration), Mick Thorpe (Group Planning and Economy Manager) and Gavin Jones (Development Control Manager). The purpose of this meeting was to review certain aspects of the planning application process, seek further clarification in respect of the precise nature of additional detail that Gloucester City Council required and to outline GCFC’s concerns and frustrations in relation to the suggestions that they had not provided the correct information. Following this meeting, Gloucester City Council wrote to GCAFC and have provided a position statement in terms of the City Council’s approved resolution and the additional information that they require.\r\n\r\nSeparate to these matters, GCAFC have recently received a detailed quotation from their Hydrological/Flood Risk Consultants relating to the costings for the additional work. Before any further work is sanctioned and/or commissioned, GCAFC wish to clarify certain points of detail which we hope will be resolved by the end of October. Once GCAFC are satisfied that they have certainty and clarity on these detailed matters, the Executive Board will then be in a position to make an informed decision. A further update will be provided at the end of October.

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