As the football-less days drag by, we gave our @GCAFCofficial Twitter followers the chance to pitch questions to the Gaffer using the hashtag #AskBoris, and the man himself has kindly answered a selection of your questions:

\n@daveangel1972 ‘If you could have anyone out of the coaching staff available to play today and in their prime, who would it be and why?’\n\nBoris: ‘Neil Mustoe , would be interesting to see how well he would have done when in his prime…I’m sure very well.\n\n @daveangel1972 ‘Now Rico has gone who takes longest in the changing room doing their hair?’\n\nBoris: ‘Mike Green(keeper). Charlotte (Team Physio) is always going mad as he’s last out because she travels with him.’\n\n@TomHolmsey ‘Who throws the best snowballs at training?’\n\nBoris: ‘Morf throws like a girl…Coupe, Hamblin & Holland would all probably get injured trying to do so, so I’d say Webby as he’s a PE teacher.’\n\n@Rhyswynne ‘Who is your favourite wrestler?’\n\nBoris: ‘Giant Haystacks.’\n\n@daveangel1972 ‘Curry or Chinese?’\n\nBoris: ‘Curry.’\n\n@conf_media_man ‘If you could sign any BSBN player would would it be? And why?’\n\nBoris: ‘Warren Peyton, firstly at Stalybridge then Guiseley, and then last year Droylsden. Best individual performance when we went up there midweek our first season up, creative midfielder, decent.’\n\n@conf_media_man ‘If you could sign any BSP player would would it be? And why?’\n\nBoris: ‘Not seen many but Reece Styche has always looked good when I’ve seen him. Strong, scores goals, important ones. Probably needs to play more regularly but that’s down to good squad he’s in.’\n\n@YoungyJames ‘What was more memorable, City’s play-off win or your first Wimbledon title?’\n\nBoris: ‘City’s play off. I actually saw Becker lose his first match at Wimbledon v Pat Doohan.’\n\n@robjwoodland ‘Do you keep in touch with any famous names from your playing days?’\n\nBoris: ‘Marcus Stewart (now back at Rovers and helped us get Mitch and Jordan) and Gary Penrice (agent). Best two players ever to come out of Bristol (in my opinion). Really, really famous? No.’\n\n@AlexSyksey11 ‘What is your favourite Xmas fancy dress outfit?’\n\nBoris: ‘Danger Mouse outfit borrowed off the current Assistant at Weston, Rob Boyd.’ \n\n@daveangel1972 ‘Out of the current squad – if they did a 100m spirit, who would take Gold, Silver and Bronze and who would take the wooden spoon?’\n\nBoris: ‘1st Bags Graham, 2nd Steve Davis, 3rd Jack Harris, wooden spoon Mike Green (Keeper).’\n\n @leeemills ‘In your time as a manager who is the most talented player you’ve worked with?’ \n\n Boris: ‘Jordan Goddard’

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